Where’s My Water? Review

It might be quite late for me to make a review about this but it’s never too late to enjoy a good game.

Where's My Water?

Meet Swampy, an alligator living in the city’s sewer system ironically hates being dirty. So he takes a lot of showers but Cranky, another alligator in the sewers, disrupts water flow to Swampy’s bathtub. Thus, our mission is to bring the water, which is found at various locations or through a pipe, by redirecting the water through an inlet to Swampy’s bathtub.

By touching your mobile screen, you can dig through the dirt to make a route for the water to arrive at Swampy’s bathtub.

Occasionally, machine interactions are necessary to open up a route to an inlet. When the required amount of water reaches the bathtub, the level is complete and we make Swampy extremely happy.

Where's My Water

You will find rubber ducks floating at various locations. These you can collect as they serve like “stars” from other games necessary to make another level accessible. They dissolve when water absorbs them. There are select levels wherein items are hidden in the dirt that will unlock bonus levels when 3-item collections are complete.

Some levels have hazards along the way and these are to be avoided or removed. These hazards are the following:

These absorb the water and grow. If the algae grows too much it can block a route or have no water left for poor Swampy.

Purple Poison/Acid
Who would want to bath in acid. Be careful of this because a single drop of poison will contaminate pure water.

Green Ooze
The ooze erodes dirt and react with water, unfortunately destroying both liquids.

Mud hardens dirt but will become mud again when water reaches it.

So when acid, ooze or mud reaches the inlet, you fail and restart the level.

Keep in mind though, some hazard interactions are necessary.

Example, poison and ooze can destroy the the algae on contact. The poison kills it, the ooze can solidify it, making a new barrier which can be helpful (or detrimental) to your water route. Or, poison and ooze can become a bomb, exploding on contact and open up parts of the level.

Wow, that is some nifty chemistry in there.

Remember Cranky? Well, he’s not really a bad guy. He just plays pranks. He has a place in the game as 4 stories are available for you to play with. These stories are:

Swampy’ Story
As explained earlier, Swampy is the friendly, hygienic alligator with water problems.

Allie’s Story
She is the most creative alligator. She is quirky and talented and needs your help to get the steam she needs to make you hear her classic Disney tunes.

Cranky’s Story
Cranky has a big appetite but hates greens! Your mission: use the dirty purple water to clear the algae on Cranky’s food so he can satisfy his appetite. Really? Dirty water on food? Eew.

Mystery Duck
Mystery Duck is a special chapter where timing is everything!

Where's My Water?

The creators were very creative in using water’s physics as core element in the game as no one, at their time of development, thought of using the liquid element in games. Unlike other mobile games under Disney Mobile, Swampy was the first original character made for mobile.

Where’s my water? has 4 chapters, namely: “Meet Swampy”, “Troubled Waters”, “Under Pressure” and “Sink or Swim”. Each chapter has 20 levels.

Where’s my Water? gained such following that more levels were rolled out with new hazards, interactive items, and of course, seasonal themed expansions.

It didn’t stop there because Where’s My Water 2? came out with 100+ new levels and challenges.

It’s addicting, fun and overall a fun physics, puzzle game to help pass time. Try it now!


Updated trailer video: October 13, 2015



RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars      

CREATOR: developed by Creature Deep, published by Disney Mobile
PRICE: Free (limited levels). Full version costs $1.99

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