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Under the Sun

Under the Sun

He is a lonely castaway, who only needs his bonfire

You play a lonely castaway. Let’s name him Pedro. Although surrounded by pristine blue waters and clear blue skies, it is not Malibu without a hammock to relax in, a sexy server in a bikini serving cocktail drinks, and a swanky hotel nearby to enjoy life’s luxuries.

Regardless of how Pedro looks unperturbed by his circumstances each time the game loads, he is aware he needs to ward off the cold before nightfall each day or he suffers the consequences.

If you think that is his only problem, wait till he hits water. He doesn’t know how to swim. Poor thing. No worries, he can be resurrected instantly. He considers giant turtles as friends and playmates but they can push Pedro away if they feel like it. That’s how strong the giant turtles are.

It’s a different dimension on the island. One that makes you age – fast!

You have to reach the bonfire before night falls.

You have to reach the bonfire before night falls.

Each day, the island changes shape and time takes on a different dimensional twist because each step Pedro takes, a number of years pass by as depicted by his obvious aging physique, growing trees, and the way the environment changes colors as the day ends.

You guide Pedro one step at a time as you solve puzzles in order to get to the bonfire on time before you run out of your moves. There is no time limit here so you can take your time figuring out the solution. If you run out of moves, there is a giant ‘time rewinder’ dial at the right of your screen. You will be able to retrace your steps and even resurrect Pedro when necessary.

Time speeds up especially when you are a lonely castaway. #puzzlegame #reviews Under The Sun Review puzzlegameapp.com

Each level has one way to solve the puzzle and it’s delightful to see the solution come together. Most of the time, you will have to take advantage of the things in your environment too.

For example, you will need to sit on a plot of land to wait for a tree to grow. Once it reaches its peak height, you can climb over a giant turtle, who can carry you towards an elevated land where the bonfire is situated. This is only one scenario, but many levels work that way using different landscape changes that will constantly challenge you. Watch out for other obstacles along the way like rocks, jellyfish, rising tides and more!

Great 4D graphics with a lilt of Zen

4D is making its way to the app landscape and ‘Under the Sun’ definitely has done a great job. Everything is bright and colorful. Although I’m aware how being a lonely castaway can make one feel morose and frustrated about life, I feel somewhat happy for Pedro living in such unpolluted and clean environment.

The music is space zen-like, characterizing timelessness and solace. Combine that with the sound of waves, I almost wished I was stranded with Pedro too. The music helps in being calm and serene while playing the game. It’s very effective.




Under the Sun is a great zen-like challenging puzzle solving game that can entertain you for hours on end. Each level is challenging, so it helps to have a user-friendly rewind tool to redo even just a single move. No matter how challenging a level gets, you will not put this game down. It is worth the play and you won’t be disappointed with the graphics either.

RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars      

Under the Sun Developer’s website: stegabyte.com

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