Twisty Hollow Review


Slap it mayor!

Live in Twisty Hollow, where everything goes haywire when a self-appointed mayor decrees nonsensical laws, which literally made the town spin out of proportions. It is up to you to establish an efficient method of action to adhere to the towns folk’s needs and wants by spinning item combinations and making sure that the products reach the appropriate customer on time.

This game is filled with eccentric characters, comical storyline, fun visuals that it becomes so addicting it is so hard to put this game down!

You are now entering Twisty Hollow

It is a small town with simple needs. But the mayor changes everything when he makes rules that abrupt the town’s normal flow. He assigns a robotic pet to do official work while he goes to the beach. Or he makes customers combust themselves when their orders don’t arrive on time. Or he made bacon something to be frowned upon (who hates bacon?!). Or he mandates that his constituents cannot order any food but burger. Yes, this mayor is eccentric. Unfortunately, the citizens seem to follow suit with their eccentric requests. It is up to you to ensure that no citizen will throw an ugly tantrum or worse, self-combust.

Be the town’s sheriff!

Support the citizens of this small town by fulfilling their increasing eccentric needs. In the middle of the screen is a turntable like platform with three wheels you can turn to make smart combinations of available resources to create new goods.


So let’s say a citizen wants some bacon. You need to align the Butcher, the knife, and the pig to create bacon. Once the bacon is done, turn the wheel and align the bacon to the famished citizen. Happy citizen makes money!

Sometimes you need to produce a resource to fulfill another product. Let’s say the pretty lady orders sushi. Before you make sushi, you need to catch fish. So align our cute fisher girl (a fisherman who is a girl) + fishing rod + worm = to catch fish. Once fish is caught, align cook + knife + fish = produce sushi.

Twist and match resources to make everything from burgers, sushi, houses and more. The challenge is the time limit. When you fulfill all of the citizens wants, you gain three stars and a lot of coins.

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Discover items, satisfy citizens with their needs and unravel the mystery of the peculiar mayor.

The twists are terrible addicting

I love games that constitutes of item combinations and time management and Twisty Hollow was able to successfully combine both. The first few levels were had goals that vary, giving you a feel of the game. Later on, the goals become time-challenged with new goals and obstacles that can hinder your progress.

What obstacles can happen in this turntable like town? Well, there is this one mandate from the mayor that any customer that was not served fast enough will combust! Wow, impatience in this town in scary! But still awesome. That ‘fire’ will need to be put out by a fireman before another resource can fill up that space filled with the flame. Occasionally, you’ll play a level that resembles a boss stage, where you whack the enemy as often as you can with the available resources.

The characters are something to remember by. The townspeople are cute to look at and some characters are funny. There are those insolent Robomoles, the mayor’s minion, who does nothing but pop out of those holes to scare anyone. Don’t forget those menacing bears with a fashionable manicure. Yes, a manicure. Because if you are going to scare anyone, you might as well do it with style. Fierce!

The mechanics are really easy and the gradual ramp up of goals and time challenge makes this game so addicting. Plus, the visuals are bright, cartoony and paper-like with a whimsical mood that will go well with kids. So don’t be scared with the idea of a butcher killing a cute pig, cow or lamb in front of your eyes. Nothing gory will happen.

The music is fun and bouncy that fit’s the game nicely.




If you don’t dislike time management games, this one is worth the shot. It has plenty of twists and quirky concepts. The challenges ramp up well enough and escalate well till the end of the game. I’m still in the middle of playing it and I’m enjoying it very much. I can’t way to progress further and see what other eccentric mandates the mayor will bestow on the town. I love the humor, the visuals, and the storyline. Hardly we find games with fun storylines and this is one of them. This is definitely one game I’d recommend for everyone to install in their gadgets for hours of wonderful, comical puzzle fun.

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

Twisty Hollow Developer Website: Arkadium

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