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I have a limit with any Rubik’s cube

I’ve played the Rubik’s cube, that legendary 3D puzzle box you get to twist and turn in an attempt to make each side return to consist of one color. But I sucked at it. With a 3×3 squares per side cube, I was able to successfully accomplish one side… and that’s it. I like puzzles, but I never attempted Rubik’s cube again. It burns my brain cells too much.

When I saw Twist3D cube, I initially thought it to be a digital version of the Rubik’s cube. Then I read the description and it says this is a game “with an exciting match-3-in-3D experience”. I shook my head in despair because I was tired of match-3 games. There are too many versions of similar gameplay in the app landscape that I easily get bored.

But the word ‘3D’ piqued my interest. Then lo and behold, there was indeed a 3D twist! It took some time for me to get used to the mechanics since I was tied down by the typical match 3 scenario of slide-and-match similar elements. Basically, I’d call this one unique and ‘twisted’ version of common match 3 game.

Imagine Rubik’s Cube and Match 3 gameplay with a ‘twist’

Everyone is mesmerized by the concept of anything 3D but don’t expect things to look popped-out of your screen. Rather, Twist3D has taken the concept of match-3 gameplay and placed it in a Rubik’s cube you can twist and turn to match as many rows of similar colors within the time limit.

Your goal is to make matches by getting 3 like-colored blocks in the same line, either horizontally or vertically. Tap on a cluster to clear them out. Drag your finger around on the screen to rotate the cube to find more matches. The cube refills blocks as time progresses and you have the option to use the “Twist” button to rearrange clocks if you are stuck.

Imagine Rubik’s cube and match 3 game in one… and 3D like! Twist3D. #puzzlegame #reviews

There are other objectives of collecting gems in where you need to align the gems with matching colored line to gather them up.

The game is pretty linear. As you advance and get used to it you will realize how time speeds up on some levels and how more colors are added to the cube. You need to earn at least one star to clear a level. You can gather 3 stars for each level, and if you did well you can unlock bonus gift boxes that contain useful power-up items to help you in the game.

If you ever run out of these power-ups, you have the option to buy more via in-app purchase.

Enjoy the pop

The visuals are simple and clean with the 3D element adding a nice touch. Colors are very vibrant and contrast nicely with a beige background. Animations are smooth as you twist and rotate the cube. I didn’t experience any lag so that’s a big plus.

There is a calming soundtrack you can listen to that will help you focus. My favorite sound though is the bubbly ‘pop’ when new colors come out. It reminds me of popping bubble wrap (which is a good stress reliever by the way, try it!).




Who says match 3 game can’t be exciting anymore? I take it back that I find match 3 games boring. It is these kinds of innovative digital products that made me love digging the app store for new puzzle game apps. Twist3D is a unique twist on the saturated category of match 3 games. For its innovation, modern visuals, calming music and distinctive, challenging gameplay, I give this a 4.

RATING: 4 / 5 stars      

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