Top 5 Minimalist Games Worth Your Time

By Wikipedia definition:

The term “minimalist” often colloquially refers to anything that is spare or stripped to its essentials.
Source: Wikipedia: Minimalism

These became a common thing to find in puzzle game apps these days. With society and media bombarding us with information everyday, minimalism has become a go-to factor for freedom from overwhelm.

Personally, finding minimalist games is refreshing. You get to appreciate the simplicity of things and focus on finding the joy and true meaning for what an app is worth… just like in real life.

Wow, does that sound deep.

In no particular order, below are 5 puzzle game apps I’ve played myself. I truly enjoyed playing these and hope you experience the same joy as I did.

5. Let’s Fold

Let's Fold stage clear

Let’s Fold stage clear

Let’s Fold is another puzzle game app that has innovated origami into an intuitive screen of folding gameplay with adorable characters to collect!

Puzzle Game App’s post on Vine

Don’t be fooled to think the illustration and colours is intended for kids. This will challenge any age in the art of paper folding. Let’s see if you can solve all of them without using any hints. Unless you are an origami master.

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Website: FiveThirty
Trailer: Let’s Fold Collection – Origami Puzzle Game

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4. Limbo



Limbo is a dark, disturbing but eeringly beautiful adventure of a boy trying to find his sister in the dark world of Limbo. Everything in shades of black, white and grey, go through the unsettling atmosphere jumping over holes, avoiding traps, outwitting a giant spider and more.

It’s an addictingly chilling game that wouldn’t be forgotten for a long time.

Trailer: Limbo Game Official Trailer
Website: Limbo

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3. Marble Drop

Marble Drop

A mind using app that you must not hesitate to try for its simple, fun, gravitating chalkboard themed puzzle game for any age. Pull levers, anticipate marble colour changes and calculate your moves to work with the laws of physics and bring those marbles to their designated compartments.

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Website: Marble Drop
Trailer: Marble Drop – iPhone & iPad – HD Gameplay Trailer

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2. Jellies



Help Bob retrieve his fingers from adorable-looking, happily smiling, rainbow coloured carnivorous squared jellyfishes! While playing, observe the facial expressions of the jellies and their speech bubbles. Even when they eat flesh, they’re too cute to ignore.

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Website: Jellies! Website
Trailer: Jellies! Gameplay Player

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1. Device 6

Device 6

Device 6

This is the first app I’ve tried that uses a lot of ‘words’ for it’s gameplay. The game incorporates literature, geography, puzzle, mysteries in technology and neuroscience.

Many might think this game will be boring since games are usually comprised of visuals and animations. I tell you, never underestimate the potent combination of good storytelling, particular 70’s-oriented mystery book visuals, eclectic music and sound to transport your mind to help Ana find her way out off a remote island in spite of her mild amnesia.

Website: Device 6
Trailer: Device 6

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How about you? What is your favorite minimalist puzzle game app?