To-Fu Fury Review


Being a foodie, I’m easily attracted by games that use food as its theme. So when I discovered To-fu Fury last weekend and I saw how awesome the graphics looked, I took the chance and downloaded the app. I wasn’t disappointed.

Meet the To-fu, the tofu that exudes pure awesome

Imagine a Ninja Tofu. Yes, a tofu. That square edible thing you often see in Asian cuisine. This small fry is appropriately named To-fu, and he has the covert skills to infiltrate and defend his territory and loved ones. Don’t expect To-fu to run across rooftops and taking down enemy shinobis in a combat. Rather, you will be flinging To-fu across the screen, avoiding obstacles while collecting a lot of Chi.

I never imagine tofu to be so flexible… but that’s exactly what made the game controls so fun

You can control To-fu in three ways. First, you can fling him to any part of the screen by stretching him to the direction you want him to go to. He can also ‘walk’ by placing two fingers on the screen in any direction. You can also fling him in any direction by holding down your finger on the tofu itself, and steadying your aim on the character just like what you would do in Angry Birds.

See how a tofu can fight. It’s To-fu Tury! #puzzlegame #review

These controls are very easy to do and are very useful and unique depending on the environment. For example, sometimes you will need to merely stretch To-fu to move obstacles out of the way or to reach Chi while avoiding dangerous spikes. There will be stages wherein precision and mastery of all three controls will be necessary, as well as efficiency and methodological thinking become essential components to get the perfect score for more bonuses.

The soundtrack and images are topnotch epic

This could be just me, but I was reminded of Kung-fu Panda while playing this game. The images were fantastically designed and the music was something like out of an Asian epic movie.

In fact, there was one time when I closed my eyes and just listened to the myriads of sounds. The Chinese flute, the majestic gong, and stringed instruments. All were so aptly Asian I visualized an epic saga in my head, like something out of The Legend of The Three Kingdoms.

I find it amusing that regardless of the danger To-fu is currently in, he tends to snooze a lot when you are not controlling him. He seems to channel his Chi whenever you stretch him but after that, he relaxes as if nothing happened. Cute.

Even with a simple gameplay, this game can give you tons of goals to do

The point of each level is to get through each stage in one piece. To make things more interesting, you can finish a level within a certain time limit, number of moves and number of Chi’s collected. I love how you can go for each goal individually. It adds a level of challenge for each stage since completing all three goals is particularly difficult especially once you reach the stages wherein you have to fight Hoshi warriors, a clan of evil wizards.


The more goals you are able to complete, the more bonus Qoins (no, seriously. This is how coins are spelled in the game) you can earn. And these coins can make you buy ‘Wardrobe’ and ‘Challenges’ in the game.

Unlike in other games, the Wardrobe items will not give To-fu any special powers. Wardrobe items are merely for To-fu’s vanity. You can dress him as a Rockstar, a Ninja, a Hamster, or just retain his birthday suit. In the ‘Challenges’ area, you can purchase additional levels to access specialized levels to test your skills and earn more bonus Qoins.

Boosts are also available to purchase that would temporarily give To-fu special powers to help finish a stage.

I love how ‘fair’ the game felt with its IAP scheme and in-game currency

As I stated earlier, the Wardrobe items are merely aesthetic. The Challenges are optional to purchase if you want to have a variety of ‘practice’ levels you want to play outside of the game plot. Boosts help make To-fu’s life easier but they don’t feel necessary. All in-game items are reasonably priced.

There are no specific number of stars or items needed to complete a stage. There are no waiting for a certain number of hours to continue playing a game or be forced to buy energy. There are no hint buying schemes. The puzzles are so well planned out that hints feel unnecessary. There are many ways to complete a stage and the challenge is to puzzle out the best way to finish it.




To-Fu Fury is a challenging, fun and taxing puzzle game that doesn’t call for perfection each time. It gives you leeway to improve, to test new methodologies, and to capitalize on trial-and-errors, which leads to tons of replayability and hours of game time. With its awesome epic visual elements and game narrative, I can see this game attracting people of all ages.

Besides, who wouldn’t be intrigued by what a tofu can do with ninja moves?

Side note: I never tried stretching tofu before. Maybe I’d try it next time I buy tofu from the supermarket. Haha.

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

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