Three Crush Review

Almost near gridlock. Avoid this when you can.

Almost near gridlock. Avoid this when you can.

This game is good for Math snobs like me. Meaning, those who have a love-hate relationship with Math.

I don’t like Sudoku. There’s nothing wrong with it. I just happen to be bad with mental computation. Math and I have a love-hate relationship. The only time I like Math is anything related with Geometry (possible since shapes help with artistic endeavours) and when I see numbers add up within my bank account.

At first glance, I thought Three Crush is another version of Sudoku, with numbers decorated in such a way it wouldn’t look mentally intimidating for a Math snob like me.

I was wrong. Three Crush made it simple for me to appreciate numbers not only in a visual appreciation of the graphics. I like it for the easy it’s easy gameplay that it almost reminded me of Tetris. It’s about combining similar value numbers and planning how to place each one in a way I could create high values. Each new high value you gain will reveal an alien Nymph for you to conquer.

In essence, Three Crush isn’t just about Numbers. It’s the discovery of what is hiding behind those values.

The enemies are hiding…

Let’s give our character a name. His name is Luke. He is a space trooper armed with the mission to crush as many quirky characters as he can. He needs your help to do this so his reputation will be recognized by the League of Numbers. The Leauge of Numbers is a galactic alliance, who wants the space to be rid off these cute but pesky alien Nymphs. But these Nymphs hide very well within the Number territories. The way to drive them out is to ‘crush’ same numbered territories (also called ‘seedlings’) until you form high-value numbers that will unleash the Nymphs.

Using the edge of the board as a wall, you will swipe blocks up, down, left or right to crush together same value numbers. Within the tutorials, here are samples of ‘crush’ combinations.

Crush the Number Nymphs! #puzzlegame #reviews

1. Create a Threeling. Swipe in any direction until the 1+2 crush together in a 3 (Threeling).

2. Crush Matching Number Nymphs 2
Swipe in any direction to crush two Threelings together to create an even bigger Number Nymph. Bigger Nymphs give you more reputation points.

3. Crush Matching Number Nymphs 6
Swipe in any direction to crush the Sixlings (6) together to create a Twelveling (12).

4. Crush Matching Number Nymphs 48
Swipe in any direction to crush the Double-Double Forty Eightlings together to create a powerful Nymph!

5. Princess Crushing
Crush any three matching numbers/nymphs and get a bonus yellow gem!

6. Queen Crushing
Crush any matching numbers/nymphs and get a bonus red gem!

7. King Crushing
Crush any five matching numbers/nymphs and get a Green Gem Bomb to clear the entire board.

8. Double Yellow
Crush two yellow gems to create a red gem.

9. Double Red
Match two red gems to create a Green Gem Bomb to clear the entire board.

10. Red and Yellow
Crush a red gem and a yellow gem together to clear all seedlings (1s & 2s) in one line to make the Nymphs in that line stronger.

11. Green Gem Bomb
Get a Green Gem Bomb to clear the entire board of seedlings, and make all existing Nymphs on the board stronger!

Too many rules for you? It’s okay. You don’t have to remember all combinations. There is a cheat sheet that is available when you click on the question mark icon found at the bottom left corner of the screen.

If you need help to detonate all gems on the board, you can press a button found at the bottom of the screen to do so.

Other details of the mission:
1. Don’t reach gridlock. Survive as long as you can! When you are near gridlock, the board will start to glow red.

2. Create the highest number you can and unleash more monsters. The League of Numbers will love you more for discovering alien species.

3. Collect as many gems as you can. These can help avoid gridlock and give you a chance to play again when you reach gridlock.

4. Gain the respect and earn the reputation of being the best ‘crusher’ in the League of Numbers!

Initially indimidating but later… fascinating.

Gems can help obliterate entire rows.

Gems can help obliterate entire rows.

I was happy realizing I don’t have to do too many mental computations. Yes, I don’t like Sudoku. I can’t emphasize how much. Though Three Crush requires minimal mental computations for you to foresee upcoming numbers you can crush, most of the time you rely on keeping same value numbers as close to each other as possible.

Our hero, Luke, is very helpful showing us what are the next numbers coming to the board. He gives us the chance to plan our moves. Also, you will be challenged to crush the highest number you can each time to find out what new Nymph will come out. It’s the classic ‘find-out-what-you-can-on-your-own’ scenario, where games hide treasures for you to discover.

Hardly will you be scared of anything in this app. The Nymphs are drawn in such a way that could lure children. Yes, they are aliens. Some even have sharp teeth and tentacles. Yet, these are aliens that can be made into plushies for children to sleep at night. So you see, I think these aliens are misunderstood. But they’re still naughty and make trouble, so we have to help Luke crush them.

Better, there is no time limit for this. The gameplay is particularly linear and infinite. There are no levels to finish. You are your own challenger. You beat your own score. If you want to level up your gameplay, you can compete your score with other players by logging into Facebook.




For the reason, that this is the first number-oriented puzzle game app I really like, I’m giving this 4.0 out of 5 stars. That is my subjective rating.

Going to an objective point of view, I think this app has opened a way for Math snobs like me to enjoy mental computations to a degree. I think children will also like this as it will help develop math skills. It isn’t that mentally draining and at the same time is strategic. It reminds me a bit of Tetris because you know what block or number is coming out next. You get to plan and strategize your next move.

All in all, I’m finally liking a game dealing with numbers. How about that. Whether you are a Math genius or otherwise, this is something worth the try.

RATING: 4 / 5 stars      

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