The Silent Age (Episode One) Review

The Silent Age Episode One Opening Screen

The Silent Age Episode One Opening Screen

You want to find beauty in a post-apocalyptic future? Well here you go!

Mystery and eeriness, two words feared by many but drawn to its source. The Silent Hill merged this two words very well with a delightful adventure game. It isn’t too dismal, it isn’t too light either. But with a good dose of unique time-hopping experience, good storytelling, and amazing graphics, this game offers endless potential that you will beg for more.

If anything can go wrong, it will…

It’s year 1972. Our protagonist, Joe, is slaving away as attendant in a big corporation. He’s been working there for two years. Joe is average in almost everything. Average in height, weight, and IQ. He doesn’t complain much and is quite content with his average, but quite dull life.

Joe meeting the mysterious man of the future.

Joe meeting the mysterious man of the future.

Nothing exciting happens to him until one day, when he finds a mysterious old man in one of the laboratories situated in the building. The old man, with his dying breath, told Joe that he has to help him save mankind. Joe has to find him in another time using a solar-powered time machine. When the old man died, Joe ran out to call for help when he was mistakenly taken into custody by the police.

During the interrogation at the police station, the police asked what was the device they found with Joe. Joe, not knowing what the device does, pushed the button… and the place went dark. When he opened the door of the interrogation room, he found himself in a post-apocalyptic looking version of the police station.

This is where Joe’s adventure starts.

Time-hopping is cool and it’s all about the atmosphere

The time machine device is a tool that can immediately jump to past or future time. It became very useful for Joe to initially escape police interrogation by exploring the same police building in the past. This became the first clue in deciphering how the time machine works to complete puzzles.

The time machine refreshingly adds a smooth time-hopping requirement to solve puzzles in order to arrive at each chapter goal. You find a key in the future, but you don’t know which keyhole it will fit. Much to your surprise, it works in the past. You need to get past an obstacle in the past, which you can while crawling out of a hole in the future. Yes, you will do a lot of time hopping, and that is where the amazing puzzle aspect plays its magic.

Accentuated by flat dimensional visuals and an eerie soundtrack that seem to work for dreary apocalyptic environments, the story accounts for itself too. There are at times when certain items or environment don’t clearly show clearly against flat backdrops and shadows, so a lot of exploration is called for to ensure nothing is left amiss for each investigation.

You can find beauty in eerieness. Just check out the game The Silent Age Episode One. #puzzlegame #reviews

The Silent Age Episode One is five chapters long. Unfortunately, it leaves us with an open ending. Episode Two is available to purchase for download. I haven’t played it yet but if it’s anything like Episode One, I will definitely add it to my puzzle game apps list to try in the future.

Episode One is fairly short, with each chapter playable for 10-20 minutes. It would depend on your speed in solving items. But everything is so tantalizingly addicting you won’t notice how time flies… and you’ll be wanting more!




With a nifty time machine tool, Silent Age was able to bring a creative twist into a linear puzzle solving game. Every minute spent in that game is a pleasure as you will feel immersed in Joe’s adventure and also be mesmerized with the two different time environments. The Silent Age is a must-play series I recommend for everyone.

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