The Room 3 Review


It’s a grand escape. Creepy rooms, hidden puzzles, unknown elements working its way to ensure you can’t go anywhere. The Room 3 will forever be a part of your consciousness. It’s here to make you stay and tinker away into its secrets. And who is the Craftsman who seem to know the answers about this mysterious world you found yourself into.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen into the new and grand showcase of an unknown world called The Room 3.

It’s the same old ‘escape’ premise with a twist.

Similar to it predecessors, The Room 3 entails you to escape the world wherein you found yourself trapped into. To get out, you need to take on the role of Sherlock Holms and be always be on a lookout for items and puzzles you need to solve to escape. What sets The Room series apart from other escape games are the great depth of ingenuity for puzzle making and detailed 3D environment, which looked so real it almost feels tactile.

This is not a Horror game, but its tone could say otherwise.

Initially loading up The Room 3 will show you an opening sequence of sitting alone in a train carriage while you see the countryside outside your window. Then the train goes into a tunnel, wherein briefly, a menacing old woman sat directly opposite you. I flinched and got scared. Suddenly, she was gone, leaving you alone with another mystery to undertake.

Not only the game, but the story has expanded.

Each new game that comes out adds a chapter to a story that crosses over to several story genres. Mystery, detective, a bit of a thriller, paranormal, and adventure. Each delivers a new game with a grander perspective, story and environment wise.


It’s already given since Room 1 that a mysterious individual or ‘essence’ has put you into this world to solve the existence of an element called Null. What it is and what it does is still questionable. But it is undoubtedly a powerful thing that could affect life as we know it. That is the mystery. Through your discoveries, you uncover more about the Null but not all of its secrets.

In the first installment of the series, the game focused on a series of boxes you need to solve to get out. In Room 2, you linearly go through several rooms to escape. In Room 3, you have to explore a mansion-like place to find all items and puzzles to escape. You need to go to and fro several rooms to explore. There are many cases you need to consider looking at windows, walls, dioramas to get anywhere. These grander and intricate detail of puzzle solving calls for more hours of exploration and logical thinking skills.

Not Everything is What it Seems, but I bet you will Love It


I don’t want to give too many spoilers here, but this is the Room game that you must see through the end. The ending isn’t something similar to previous Room games. It’s different, more grand, and has such an impact that I almost felt like I was watching an after credit of a movie.

The ending is partly a culmination of what Room fans may have theorized what the game’s plot is all about. As I stated earlier, the game’s plot has been pretty vague excluding the necessity to escape. Nonetheless, it is the mystery, the grand details, the episodic thriller, and paranormal drama which makes everything worthwhile.

Although I have to admit that the narrative feels a little bit prolonged than it should be. I am not complaining since I love the puzzles in this game, but the way the plot turns from reading scrolls left behind by an unknown individual, who calls himself The Craftsman, only made the story more mysterious and confusing.

Despite the grand-scale changes, The Room retains its known simple charms

I don’t have to go into detail over the assets of this game. Just taking a look on the game screencaps will tell you the amount of time and work given to make everything look realistic. If you are a newbie of The Room franchise, once you play the game you will note of its impeccable tactile environment, the sounds that account for superb atmosphere, and the simple controls that will enable a baby to play at no time.

This is The Room 3 and you will not want another escape #puzzlegame after this.




Despite some head-scratching parts of the game plot, The Room 3 has exceeded all expectations. Point-and-click puzzles are rampant, but The Room 3 has again set-up the bar being an unparalleled product I HIGHLY recommend anyone to play. The puzzles are more ingenious that the first two games in the series and still uses the top-notch gameplay all fans are already addicted to. This is a MUST game to play by everyone.

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

The Room 3 Developer: Fireproof Games

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