The Mansion Review


This week has been the myriad of weather mood swings. Within a day, in the morning it will be so cloudy with patches of rain you would want to stay in your bed and snooze away. Then, in the afternoon, it will be so warm and sunny you will be itching to go to the beach. For this review, I’ll concentrate on the gloomy weather because there is something about rain which makes one feel nostalgic. It is because of this atmosphere I decided to write about a puzzle game app I loved circa 2013, and that app is called “The Mansion”.

After installing the app in my iPad again, I found the app to have not lost its magic. I wasn’t able to finish the game before so this could be the right time to redeem myself.

It’s a fantasy world you will love to be in

It will remind you of your childhood days wherein imagination reigns free with no restrictions. As a kid, you might have wanted to fly like Superman, become a dolphin to swim like a mermaid or travel to the moon. This puzzle will give you of Harry Potter-esque, exploring a world different from our own but is strangely familiar to what we used to imagine. You will find a beautifully engineered mansion with sliding rooms and hidden secrets that will tingle your adventurous side to solve the mystery within.

Things happen in the dark, but they’re not all scary

You are Anne. You read this story about a skillful and famous toymaker, who disappeared with his mansion. Then one fateful night, you woke up to find the mansion appear near your home. You decided to take a look.


You enter a dark, mysterious mansion. The door shuts behind you with a loud thud. You panic. Then, a voice welcomes and tells you that the toymaker’s mansion has a secret you need to find. You look for the source of the voice only to find out it was the lantern you were holding that was talking. Mr. Lantern will act your guide and will instruct you how to play the game, how to use items and can help you find the way to get out when you find yourself in a bind.

It’s a magical mansion with its secrets

The Mansion is pretty linear but not boring. Each room contributes to the overall variety of puzzles to enjoy. The puzzles aren’t too easy or too hard. In hindsight, this app takes on the escape-the-room gameplay, but instead of playing Sherlock to find items and unlock a door to escape, you have to move room tiles and get to the door to exit. The concept is simple and intuitive.

Escape each room and solve the mystery of the toymaker’s magical mansion. The Mansion #puzzlegame #review

Strategically maneuvering the tiles is challenging since a move limit is presented at each room level. Never fear, for there are items that can help you with the task. There are phones that teleport you to another room tile, or closets that magically does the same thing. There are bombs that destroys a hindering wall, and magnets that helps move a room tile without being in them. You will need to avoid puppets that copy your movements. They don’t appear to be overly friendly.

It’s a Harry Potter-esque world

I adore the detailed graphics and musical soundtrack. The atmosphere calls for adventure and magic, bringing back the time when that is all we wished for as kids. The mansion reminds me of a doll house in a semi-dark and obscure setting of mystery. With magical teleporters, a talking lantern and crazy looking puppets following your every move, who wouldn’t want to live there?

The sliding room tile animation isn’t as smooth and fast as preferred. I think its delay is appropriate for the sliding mechanism that is portrayed. A bit creaky and slightly bouncy, sliding a room tile gives a realistic feel to the effect. This can get a bit annoying when you retry a room for a number of times and you want to get out asap. I can consider that annoyance motivation to solve a puzzle at the first try.




The Mansion is a recommended game for all ages. Everyone will enjoy its detailed images, it’s magical haunting soundtrack and innovative slide mechanisms. There will be many rooms, puzzles to solve, and annoying setbacks that can give hours of enjoyable gameplay before the mansion’s secret is revealed. It sounds like a long and tiring feat, but once you play the game, you will be magically transported you wouldn’t feel that time has passed. I think that gives the game enough magic that is worth your time.

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

The Mansion Developer: Com2uS

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