Tall Tails Review

Tall Tails

Tall Tails.

This game reminds you of other games… but this is better.

So the graphics isn’t as detailed as The Room or individualistic as Three Eye Crime. In fact, I was immediately reminded of Angry Birds and Candy Crush. For its cute-sy images and trot-bopping background music mentally compartmentalized this game to be for kids.

I was wrong.

First few levels were humdrum then gradually, I began scratching my head deliberating on strategies when limitations and obstacles started coming out in the puzzle. This game has a way of slowly pulling you into its world and you will vie to work hard because you want to know what’s coming next for your furry friends portrayed by strong storytelling in its gameplay. You’ll be able to see how the story pans out as you progress through the levels.

I give kudos to the developers for making this game challenging but not intimidating. Not all puzzle apps are like that.

The game’s music isn’t something I’d vouch for though. Though it plays well with the imagery and gameplay, there was a time I turned it off because it became annoying and disrupting for me to focus on my puzzle strategy. But that could be just me.

Help rescue adorable dogs trapped within the magical pages of Tall Tails.

Meet the Professor. Nice specs doc.

Meet the Professor. Nice specs doc.

Join Max as he was transported into a whimsical storybook world of Angry Birds-like imagery where he meets Professor Barkington. Professor has been trapped in this world for years and is dying to get out of it too because this world mentally affects the dogs to go crazy.

The objective of each level is to reach the end the path by touch-and-dragging controls in necessary order to get the highest score possible from the puzzle maze before your ‘ink’ meter runs out while avoiding pesky monsters and obstacles. You have to watch out for the number of “lives” or hearts you have when you start playing. When you run out of lives you will need to wait for a while to have your lives replenished to play again.

Coins are awarded after completing each level. These coins can be exchanged for accessories (to make your pups cuter) or power-ups to make life easier for you in the game. If you’d rather purchase in-app for more items, a portion of the proceeds will go to the apps’ founders chosen dog charity.

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Tall Tails Works for a Good Cause

Tall Tails credits.

Tall Tails credits.

Being a dog lover myself I absolutely approve of Tall Tails work! This is one advocacy I wouldn’t mind donating too. Your purchases help REAL dogs!

Tall Tails isn’t the first app to donate a portion of their proceeds for a good cause but Tall Tails’ founders from Zuul Labs took this a step further. Zuul Labs founders’ are involved in dog rescues and they aim for their donations to help rescue dogs in need as well as foster responsible pet ownership to players.

100% of proceeds comes from micro transactions from in-app purchases. You can purchase bonus characters to accessories as well as power-ups to help get through difficult levels and unlock new stories and adventures.

Whether or not you are a dog lover, Tall Tails will bring the the pet owner side of you. You will care for these furry characters and you will do your best to bring out the best in them as you challenge yourself to deceptively 125 of challenging puzzles. Patience and focus are necessary to bring the most out of this game and you will be bound to do a lot of air tracing before you solve the puzzle. You might feel ridiculous doing it at first but trust me, it helps. 😀



RATING: 4 / 5 stars      

Tall Tails website: www.zuullabs.com

Zuul Labs website: zuullabs.com
Cost: Free

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