Super Looper Review

Super Looper

Now I regret not being a girl scout.

If I were I might had a good idea how to do knots. Not that it can help with anything with this game, but it might aid with my knots pattern recognition.

Rope knots aren’t the thing to find here. Smooth intricate patterns of round or pointed shapes derived from Celtic origins abound that can inspire you to make your own doodle projects. These are simple, charming images hiding challenging puzzles and spatial training brain activity makes this app worth to place in your gadget.

Are you ready to twist your brain?

Do you know your boating knots?

Super Looper is a Celtic block-sliding knot game that will literally have your brain in knots. In each level, you have to slide and rotate tiles to complete a knot shown at the beginning of each puzzle. First few puzzles are easy, possibly meant to for player’s ease into the game. Later on is another matter for when knots become more complicated and challenges make your life harder, you’d wish you took on some lessons on boating knots.

Knotting Mechanics

Tile moving.

Knot tiles can be slid left, right, up, or down, and can be rotated in any direction by twisting them with two fingers. Each shifting and rotating takes up energy. Levels give you a specific number of moves and if you exceed them, you will restart the level and lose a life. The challenge lies in completing a knot with the least amount of moves as possible. When you run out of lives, you can wait for a full recharge or pay a certain amount for instant full life.

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You can gain free moves by making smaller knots. You will see the knots ‘bubble up’. This means they are powered up to be moved around without affecting your move meter.

For some variety, this app’s developers integrated bonus levels wherein you can collect stars from completing knots with unlimited moves while racing against the clock. There will also be levels wherein additional challenges will be given like when birds try to steal your knot tiles (and I thought they were friends)!

I think I saw dancing circus elephants in my head

The puzzle’s intro music made me think of a circus hype on a smaller scale. It’s nowhere near the noise of the Royal Circus or the grandeur of Cirque de Soleil, but you will be curious of the subtle fanfare you’d click on the play button for access to the ballyhoo.

In this knotty universe of stars and floating trees amidst a background of cross-stitch like texture, there won’t be any animals or clowns to entertain you but you will be welcomed by a bird, who will teach you how to play the game and will guide you to your ‘knot’ business.

The music playing while I solved the puzzles reminded me of silent movies. I can almost visualize Charlie Chaplin twiddling by the sidelines waiting for me to finish a puzzle. If you think that’s weird, whenever a knot is completed this great fanfare of bursting colors and parade-like music invades the screen and in my head, Charlie Chaplin finally has a reason to do some tap dancing with graceful circus elephants.

I know, I’m weird.

Regardless of my imagery, the music meshes well with the experience. It doesn’t come out as annoying like some puzzle games I’ve played.




Super Looper is a puzzle game that will tie you in knots. Literally and figuratively. Meant to entice any age range, this puzzle calls for full immersion and concentration. It also trains spatial intelligence just from completing knot pattern, working against thieving birds, vaporizing lightning strikes and having limited movements. Up for a challenge anyone?

RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars      

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