Sum Idea Review

Meet the Professor

Professor Addkins is our jolly looking Math whiz, who will instruct us to “match his mind” by swiping tiles to match the order of numbers shown at the top-right part of the screen.


  • Solve 120 number cracking puzzles in a variety of ways
  • Intuitive puzzle mechanics
  • Uniquely stylised aesthetic
  • A colourful cast of characters
  • Beat the scores of your Facebook friends
  • A game that can be played by all ages
  • Universal – for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

ALL LEVELS ARE SOLVABLE, but it will take perceptive minds to perfect every level.

The gameplay is really simple. For each level, you have to manipulate a series of numbered tiles to go to correct slots. Simply rearranging the numbers are fairly easy but it only pertains to the Professor teaching you the basics. Once you reach the levels wherein addition and subtraction tiles come into play, that is when the challenge starts. Every time you swap a number with either function, that number is affected by the function.

Swap those numbers into the right places. Sum Idea #puzzlegame #review

I enjoyed this game to a certain degree. Not because it was bad. It was more of I’m not really a Math person. You should have seen my grades in school. I initially had my subjective doubts about the game because I never fared well with number-related puzzles, especially the likes of Sudoku. But with Sum Idea, Math became fun.

What made this app special is its high probability to still complete each level by merely relying on instincts. At least, that’s what happened to me. It’s like how I play chess. I’m no good with it. I don’t have the knack of foreseeing the next moves. That is my dilemma. But Sum Idea offers a balance for a not-so-hard and not-so-easy game that works well with puzzle products. Sometimes you can guess for the hell of it and it still works.

Hints and Help Abound


You’re given free hints and swaps for a time before you run out and become restricted to daily freebies or be forced into purchasing in-app items. In a sense, it is better to reinforce those daily freebies come the time you have no choice and you refuse to purchase anything. Sum Idea is the type of puzzle that is brilliantly satisfactory when you solve it on your own. But when you feel your brain needs to rest, you’ve got to rest. By the next time you try to solve a puzzle, everything will click into place.

There are other areas to get hints in solving puzzles. One is by watching the Professor’s face every time you swap a tile. His face stays neutral when you’ve done something correct. He starts to sweat and shakes his head when a move is wrong. He becomes jolly when you finished a puzzle.

There will be times when, after swapping a number with a function, you will get notifications like “Too many 2s”, “Too many 4s”, or “6s”, etc. At first, it was confusing why there could be too much of any number, but I realized they were hints on what numbers and how many of those numbered tiles should appear on the board.

There is also a hints button available should you wish to use it. Be reminded that this is a limited hint system.




Sum Idea comes to making one feel a Math genius (even when they’re not). Even for non-Math whiz like me, Sum Idea is charming numbers game that constitutes a slow burn for the brain. Its visuals and music are charming throughout that you will only end in mild frustration when you don’t get a puzzle right. This is a good puzzle app to own to exercise logic, perception, and tactical thinking.

I mentioned that I enjoyed this game to a degree because as I stated, I’m not much of Math person. But the fact that I am returning to this game once in a while to flex my brain muscles, is a feat in itself.

RATING: 3.5 / 5 stars      

Sum Idea Developer: Twiddly Studio

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