Stars Wheel Review

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The Cosmos is a mysterious but alluring place

Who could ever say no to an enchanting spectacle of stars, aurora and galaxies? Partner this heavenly picturesque with ambient sounds, it is an uplifting puzzler within a captivating environment that gives this puzzler its worth.

It’s confusing but beguiling

The rules are conceivably simple. Tap on individual squares to rotate and connect stars of similar colors to shape a formation. All stars must connect at least one with another. This became a perplexing challenge when certain formations don’t follow this simple rule.

Connect ths stars. It is the way of the cosmos. Stars Wheel #puzzlegame #review

For a number of times, I was able to connect all stars together but didn’t proceed to the next level. I changed the formation and voila, I got out. Though the objective of this game is obvious, the unclear requirement of getting the “required” formation placed a dent on this otherwise, beautiful game. When you think you got it right, you don’t, and it can be frustrating.

Though I somehow understand how this scenario can be considered a challenge of sorts, it hindered the feeling of accomplishment when objectives weren’t made clear in the first place. Imagine you are a student and you are to finish a project that will count half of your grade. You want to get a good grade, but your professor wouldn’t even give you instructions, details, or even expectations for the project. Wouldn’t that put you into confusion?

But you will give it a chance because the cosmos is a mysterious, but inviting place to be

It’s saving grace that this game didn’t put any limiting features, like required number of coins, time pressure, or obstacles. There were moments all you have to do is tap until you shape the formation needed. Random tapping can feel a bit hypnotic in this environment, but the atmosphere of this game is very inviting and beautiful. You will play this game to discover beguiling colored heavens and bask in the relaxing mood of the sounds. Think lying down on the ground, while watching the aurora borealis. You will feel at peace.




Despite the confusion over the instructions, Stars Wheel is a very beautiful and relaxing game to have in your gadget for those times you want to have a casual but relaxing game of ambient music, minimalist auroras, and twinkling of stars.

RATING: 3.5 / 5 stars      

Stars Wheel Developer: particlemade

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