Sleeping Prince Review

Meet a Prince who has to save the entire kingdom. Catch is, a spell put him to sleep.

Sleeping Prince

Same thing goes for the kingdom. With helpful of a concerned wizard, a magic ring was placed on the Prince’s finger. This ring makes external forces (namely you, the player) to help the Prince move about and save the kingdom.

You move the Prince by flicking him across the screen.

He looks like a ragged doll being tossed around but the ring is probably providing some protection since he is blissfully snoozing (check out his smile all the time) and fall from great heights without breaking any bones or body parts.

He can also be propelled by trampolines, snag giant hooks, open chests, break wooden boxes, slash monsters, etc… while asleep. With your help, he can be the heroic sleepyhead anyone could imagine.

Challenges come in a number of ways:

Sleeping Prince Goals for each level

1. Each level has 3 goals to complete. A time limit, number of required gems and 3 stars to collect.

Completing all goals results to a gold medal.

Accomplish goals halfway gets you a silver medal and completing 1 goal gets you a bronze.

2. The biggest challenge is the time limit. Exploring places needs time. Fortunately, you can replay a level to try again.

3. Controls are easy but there is a limit to how you can control the Prince in mid-air. You are bound to have a lot of missed “jumps” which results to missed time limits.

4. Every time you flick the Prince, you use magic. There is a bar at the bottom of the screen to help you keep track of magic usage.

At the start of the game, you have so much magic you happily toss the Prince around… until you have to wait for the meter to recharge. This can be frustrating. You can buy boosts for a relatively low price but if you want infinite magic, it would cost you $14.99.

5. To progress to further levels, there will be required number of medals you would need. You can always go back to previous levels to try again.

6. Progressing through the game, there will be power-ups and items to help you on your quest.

Unfortunately, I later felt annoyance.

The Queen can also help with your quest.

Initially, I absolutely loved flinging the Prince here and there. Discovering power-ups and items to help with the goals were great, providing nifty and subtle strategic controls to make it to the time-limit. But with the use of the meter, I realized later on how limiting it is to fling a Prince to a platform then suddenly something similar will come out of your screen:

“You’re out of magic! Wait for a few hours or buy magic to keep going!”

After waiting for recharge to complete, I tried playing again but the initial enthusiasm was lost. Yes, I know watching the magic meter and controlled flicking are ways to make the puzzle stimulating and challenging but having a ‘monetary’ toll happen in the midst of interactive gameplay… let’s just say I’m near moving to the next game app.

I’m not saying the game isn’t fun. It actually is! I would think this game would fit players with money to burn to purchase infinite magic.



RATING: 3.5 / 5 stars      

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