Shuttle Shuffle Review

Before anything else, this is the first post for 2015. Happy New Year everyone!

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Color-spotting game on!

Shuttle Shuffle world.

Shuttle Shuffle world.

Once you load this game the music will immediately draw you to touch the play button to know what this is all about. Do you remember that music that is played that sets your pulse into hyper motion whenever there is horse racing? The one titled Overture by Rossini? The feeling is somewhat similar to this app albeit in a lower scale, thereby holding up to its name of “shuffle” because indeed, you are going to do a lot of shuffling.

There is nothing to be negatively critical about this game. Smooth, cute graphics and highly appealing cartoon background abound. Backgrounds in each level help emphasize the necessity to discern colors immediately as it is essential to game mechanics. Better, there is no time limit challenge. You can play at your own pace. With 72 levels (and more upcoming) with additional challenges popping up along the way, it will be a long time before you let go if this game.

It’s time to leave this planet.

Who wants multi-color aliens?

Shuttle Shuffle poster.

Shuttle Shuffle has fun and colored alien characters waiting for your help to board them on their ship. The goal is to help each alien get into the right-colored ship with exact or less from the minimum amout of moves. If you are able to accomplish that, you will earn any of the 3 rewards.

A blue ticket gives you access to take up challenges from levels customized by other players. Yes, custom-made worlds. Let’s talk about that later.

A green ticket gives you access to create your own challenges. Each ticket will get your custom board published.

A hint point for those additional help.

In other games, by default you are rewarded 1 or a set of items upon finishing a level. Here you get to choose which reward to get each time. The option to choose is great because it adds up a strategic component on what you want to prioritize. Do you want to be a supreme ruler of custom-made levels, get a blue ticket. Do you want to play architect and create challenges for other players, then collect green tickets. Do you want to store points for later hints, do so.

These critters are… clingy.

Get them in their ships!

Get them in their ships!

Probably because they are in a far away planet that they feel more bonded towards each other that each are easily influenced by peers.

To move an alien, touch it and slide your finger up, down, left or right. When there are more than 1 alien in a column or row, they will move together towards your finger direction.

Are these aliens that clingy to each other? I can deal with their dependency issues… or they might be just playing “follow the leader”. Who knows.

Aliens need help to get into their ships! #puzzles #game Shuttle Shuffle, here we go!

Persistent and adamant to never be alone aliens will reappear on the other side of the board when moved outside of the board. I guess I’d rather have it that way. Anything cute that dies is horrible.

Probably from the chessboard-like stage that I am reminded of pawn moves from chess I often forgot that any aliens in the same row or column will move TOGETHER. I was in level 2 and I realized how that move component can easily make or break solving puzzles in this game. That is the strength of this game which you would’t immediately discern until you make your moves.




I would think of Shuttle Shuffle as something I would place in the my gadgets for those in-between times I am relaxing before heading to an errand or I’m killing time while waiting for someone in a cafe. It’s not something I could be addictive about, but the call of curiosity of how other players’ mind work in developing their puzzles is different and unique. How I would fare on those challenges and how I can try to create a complex challenge is highly intriguing too.

The game is easy to play, is applicable for any age range and can be played by the whole family.

For mid-gamers like me, this is a good start to try our hands on creating our own game world. I used to think such function can only be done by “gamer-gamers” wherein they create their own RPG world. I did play some games back then (e.g. Starcraft) and enjoyed the terran building world but that’s about how far my world-crafting goes.

All in all, Shuttle Shuffle is a good game. It’s fun, challenging and the aliens are cute.

RATING: 4 / 5 stars      

Shuttle Shuffle website:
Shuttle Shuffle Developer website: Lozange Lab
Awards and Recognition for Lozange Lab: “Game Art Exhibition” Artwork exposed at Musée Fabre, Montpellier, France from Nov. 19 2014 to Jan. 2015

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