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An illuminating, wondrous play of shapes and shadows makes Shadowmatic a wonder to play. It is no wonder they won the prestigious Apple Design Award at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference this year (2015).

Let’s Play With Shadows

As a kid we were taught how to make shadow shapes with our hands. In Shadowmatic, abstract objects float in the air illuminated by an off-source light. Thus, obscure looking shadows are casted on a highly detailed background. The task is to rotate the object until the shadow becomes a recognizable silhouette.

The Controls are Simple and a Delight

This game’s controls are very intuitive and organic, it reminded me a lot of Zen Bound and The Room 1 & 2. You rotate an object with one finger. You use two fingers to rotate it on its axis. When there are two or more objects to tackle with, a button appears at the bottom left of the screen. This button helps toggle between objects while holding it down allows you to rotate the objects around each other.

It’s shadow time. Shadowmatic #puzzlegame #review

Also, you can configure touch sensitivity via the Options menu, making the touch fluidity look like you are turning the objects with your bare hands.

Shadowmatic does shadow ‘play’ differently

Here are a few more things why Shadowmatic is a game to worship.

1. Backgrounds are amazing. Besides the beautiful 3D abstract objects that floats in the air, the realistic looking, tilt enabled parallax background views shows design caliber that is worth to gawk at. These background environments also gives clues at possible shadow shapes you can uncover for that particular level.


2. The Hints system is a tease. Each time you access the hint button, you avail of 4 ways to figure out the shadow shape. First hint gives you a vague clue. The second gives you a more ‘niched’ description. The third hint gives you the title of the shadow. The final hint will show you the shadow shape.

Hints can cost a lot if you use all four hints each time you solve a shadow puzzle. For much greater satisfaction in this game, it is recommended not to use the hint system. Besides, this game is not burdened with any time limit, so you can just relax while doing all the guess work.

3. Ambient sounds abound. What better way to think but to be in a relaxed mood with the help of atmospheric sounds. Better news, the soundtrack can be downloaded from the iTunes store.

4. It is a non-linear progression. If you are stuck with one shadow puzzle, you can return to it later and proceed to another one.




It isn’t hard to see where the inspiration for Shadowmatic came from. If you were a fan of Zen Bound, you will become a fan of Shadowmatic too. Besides, you can never say no to anything that is photo realistically beautiful, captivating and relaxing. It will be a sin to let such beauty pass by.

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

Shadowmatic Developer: Triada Studio Games

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