Search for the Golden Gorilla Review

Search for the Golden Gorilla.

Search for the Golden Gorilla.

Search for the Golden Gorilla is a good hidden object game with a twist. Instead of straining your eye to find items in a complex picture within a limited time period, you get all the time in the world to find the golden gorilla by deciphering the relation of shapes from one tribal mask to another.

This is no King Kong. The gorilla is no giant, but he’s still an idolized king of the jungle.

In a retro-like background that reminded me a lot of Nintendo’s Family Computer days of Donkey Kong, you will be coerced by idol worshipping monkeys to find a shiny EGOT-like gorilla-shaped trophy behind a tribal mask. You will be presented with masks of all sorts and you have to find the right one. Choose wisely because you only have 5 guesses to find that gorilla!

I like the mechanics. It’s short and sweet. You’re playing hide-and-seek with an inanimate golden artifact. Instead of counting 1 to 10, you are to do a guessing and deduction game. In each level, one mask hides the gorilla. Each mask has unique features of eyes, nose, mouth and hair. Guesses reveal the features a mask shares with the correct mask. If you love games of deduction like I do, this is the ideal puzzle game app for you.

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The pattern recognition aspect provided a unique twist in the Hidden Objects game category without any time limit. And the puzzles are endless! It’s infinite! That amounts to tons of replayability.

So how do you know if you won? Well, you are only competing with yourself since there are no required number of winnings to access further levels. Everything is free. It is the number of consecutive winnings that delivers an essence of a scoring system here. You can also check the leaderboard if you rank among other players of the game.

Where is the fanfare?

The art and background are simple and straight-to-the-point. There’s not much to go around with the colors since the game is pretty ‘static’ anyways. It’s nothing like “Temple Run”, where sceneries woosh buy as you try to escape the jungle evils.

I feel the art can be improved. When the game initially loaded, I thought it was too “kiddish” for my taste. Don’t get me wrong, I like 80’s like graphics and background music, but I felt that a notch up the presentation of graphics and music will elevate the feeling of energy to actually play the game.

In other games, you are wowed by the vividness of a game environment. Or you appreciate the sleek sophistication of a minimalist interface. I felt that this game is trying to satisfy both extremes. Thus, it resulted to an average output. Then, this could be just me.

Right now, solving the masks is already brain immersive. Though it is fun to deduce masks it can get pretty tiring and boring after a few levels. Moreso, I felt a lack of elation after finding the gorilla. The music disappears and far away ‘timid’ sounding fireworks blast off in the distance. I saw the “Found it!” note but where’s the party for all my hard work?



Search for the Golden Gorilla is an easy and simple hidden object game with guessing and the deduction aspect worth your gaming time. I highly recommend it for a fun memory and pattern recognition brain exercise for all ages. I think its graphics and music can be improved, but those does not demean a puzzle gem for its brain immersive experience.

RATING: 3.5 / 5 stars      

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