The Room 2 Review

The sequel to the multi-awarded puzzle game of 2012, The Room 2 has set higher standards for superb tactile, unnerving audio and more complex gameplay. It has undoubtedly set itself up on a pedestal of iOS game app development by expanding and refining nearly everything from its first release, creating another dynamic gameplay for all puzzle lovers.

The Room 2


There are more rooms to go into in this game, expanding the level of detective work required to do.

In The Room you were made to tinker with boxes on a table within a room whereas in Room 2 you need to explore the whole room and figure out the relation of other room objects to the puzzle you have to solve in order to progress in the game.

Both versions of The Room has a linear experience of puzzle solving. If you ever get lost on what to do next, the hint button will show at the top left corner to provide clues on what to do next. The hint in this version is more helpful in contrast to the vague riddles The Room hints sometimes gave out.


This game’s texture designers had outdone themselves. Six different rooms portraying dark, gothic, eerie atmospheres based from different themes and culture you will inherently associate a place with.

The Room 2 additional rooms

A crypt in an ancient chamber found underground, a lost sanctuary entombed in a jungle, a dark London residence, etc . There are supernatural or religious related objects like a skull, an angel statue, an Hindu temple, etc. These items adds more metaphysical essence to gameplay giving this game more personality… despite how creepy it is.


The state-of-the-art audio reinforces every action you do. Wood clacking, clockwork mechanisms within puzzles, creepy sounds coming out from nowhere, etc.

Not to mention the ghostly like time warp sound that happens whenever you enter a new room… and slithering snake-like vines crawling out the door frames. Creepy I tell you.

To see how good the audio is, check this youtube video. Just don’t watch the whole thing though. It is a walkthrough. It might spoil the whole thing for you.

A warning: Be prepared for some shocks of abrupt paranormal visuals you would somehow expect from chilling audio cues but will still be jarred into seeing.


Double-tap to interact with an object, zoom in and out, go clockwise to rotate objects, slide to push or pull drawers, etc. All controls are user-friendly. If you had played The Room, this will be all peachy.

If you are a novice to either versions, you might find it disappointing how some controls can take on multiple tries to zoom correctly to the surface you want. Still, this wouldn’t deter the enjoyment of playing the game.

To see more of what this game has to offer, check out the trailer and gallery below.



Given all elements of this game is of great quality and superb improvement, all components provided a nice flow of pacing. You will feel good whenever you get to solve another piece of the puzzle, discovering more items and artifacts to help you along the way.

As I advised from The Room 1, if you are lending this game to a friend, be prepared to not being able to talk to them for a while. They will get highly immersed with this one.

RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars      

CREATOR: Fireproof Studios
PRICE: $4.99, by the time this game was purchased

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