RGB Express Review

RGB Express

It’s time to set up your delivery empire!

RGB Express is your chance to make a delivery empire. With cute coloured lego-like trucks you need to deliver coloured boxes to designated coloured buildings. Everything is very straightforward. You drag your truck to roads, pickup cargo then deliver to buildings, and finally pressing play button to make your trucks move.

Easy right?

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Wrong. RGB eases you into more complicated set-ups. Cargo and buildings add up, roads become more complex, and you will have those head-scratching moments when limitations become clear as you progress through cities and expand your delivery business.

Delivery limitations?

RGB Express Geometric lanes

  • Many roads can lead up to geometric spaghetti looking routes when you have a number of coloured deliveries to attend to.
  • Switches appear to raise or lower bridges, which sometimes add up to the confusion.
  • Drop-off zones appear where you can dump boxes for later pick-up.
  • Trucks can carry a maximum of 3 cargos.
  • Make sure trucks don’t collide. Keep on a close lookout on corners and intersections.
  • On trucks carrying 2 or 3 cargos, the topmost cargo takes priority to be delivered to the right coloured building, or your game will be terminated.

This game isn’t strictly linear. When you have enough amount of coins levels are unlocked with 10 puzzles each. You can skip levels and go straight to a much challenging level you fancy.

When you’re stuck on a level, you can buy in-game hints, in set of 3,8, 15 and 50. You initially get 5 for free but hardly will you need them and it’s more satisfying to solve a puzzle by yourself. Unlike other games, you can’t buy your way to unlock later levels.

In conclusion

RGB Express is one of those engaging puzzles games is neither too easy nor too hard. It balances challenge and intuitive gameplay that will be liked by all ages. With 240 levels and with more coming as free updates, you will have hours of enjoyable color delivery moments.



RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars      

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