Rebus – Absurd Logic Game Review

Rebus logo.

Rebus logo.

I’m having a nostalgic rebus moment

As a kid, I was exposed to crossword puzzles. My elders had thick bulletins delivered to the house weekly. I remember my grandfather filling the whole crossword in a short nick of time. Amazed by his prowess, I attempted to answer the next a crossword puzzle from the same bulletin one weekend. As expected, I couldn’t fill out a row or column. I’m no child genius at the age of 7 so what could you expect.

I remember my parents buying me this small, thick book of colorful pages. Flipping through the pages, I didn’t understand why some pages had weird words and pictures positioned randomly on a page, or why some contained random letters that didn’t make sense.

For years, I kept this book. As age added stock knowledge into my developing brain, I later discovered the random letters were rebus puzzles, which are little pictures, often made with letters and words, which cryptically represent a word, phrase, or saying. In essence, these are words, phrases or statements that hide their meaning within itself and it is up to you to figure out its context.

You think outside the box… literally

Rebus – Absurd Logic Game app challenges your logical reasoning by deciphering beautiful, crisp and stylish illustrations. You don’t take an illustration for what it is. Rather, you have to be mindful of every possible association you can think for the illustration. Rebus puzzles were usually created using letters and numbers. This app takes it to a whole new level by using pictures. Think of it as a pictograph game exemplified with modern flat illustrations.

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Rebus calls for a lot of creativity and logical thinking. There is no time limit to solve a puzzle. Each time you solve a puzzle, you get coins. When you are stuck, hints are available to help you find the right word. Hints are quite expensive so use your coins wisely. Use them only when you are absolutely brain flushed and you abhor googling for the answer.

Hints are available for purchase. For $5, you can get 100,000 coins to use for game hints and remove ads. It’s not a bad deal.

Puzzles can be absurd

For the first batch of puzzles, I scratched my head a lot of times. Some puzzles were easy, but others were downright hard… or maybe I’m not genius enough to figure it out easily.

Example, an upside-down coathanger image. The answer: Bat. I honestly wouldn’t get that on my own. It’s too absurd. You will find some answers are utterly ridiculous, but actually makes sense.

If you are anything like me, you won’t want to rely on hints to arrive at the right answers. This is a game that will test how much you value your pride to not google and use the hints for the answer. You want the satisfaction to find the answers on your own, but I will bet you will ‘cheat’ even just once after squeezed your brain juices and have resorted to allowing zombies eat your brain.

Rebus start screen.

Rebus start screen.

As much as I love the illustrations, there is a something that doesn’t click well. Probably because I’m used to the numbers-and-letters kind of rebus puzzles. Or maybe, I’m saddened by the notion that some puzzles are made extra hard to possibly force the player to purchase in-app coins. This business model is nothing new in the app landscape but there is this uncommunicated limitation to how ‘hard’ a game should be in order to appeal to a broad audience. As I see it, Rebus can easily attract its audience. It’s making them stay and appreciate the game that becomes the challenge.



In conclusion, Rebus will be remembered for the laughs and head scratching moments

I deem this game is better played with friends. Two heads are better that one as the adage goes. I would think that there is a specific niche that will absolutely adore this game, particularly those who are like my grandfather, a crossword puzzle genius. I won’t be surprised if I find intellectual debates for particular puzzles from the game.

Nevertheless, Rebus has a distinct flair for style and problem-solving that will be remembered. Even when you don’t get to answer every puzzle, you will recognize the minds behind the puzzles.

RATING: 3 / 5 stars      

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