Prune Review


It’s a Zen Masterpiece

I am a very frustrated gardener. I don’t have the green thumb to make things grow, unlike my mother, who was able to cultivate this gigantic American roses. I gave up on my landscaping dream until Prune came to the picture.

I have been reviewing puzzle game apps for more than a year now and it is not always I get to review puzzle games that stick to the brain like what Monument Vallery, The Room, and Tengami does. Prune joins that category of puzzle must-haves, for it does not only harmoniously converge opposite theatrics of magical zen and an empty, barren world, but it also successfully stimulate love for nature in a simple albeit charming story.

You will feel complete when you make things grow, don’t you agree?

Prune is a ‘pruning’ puzzle. The goal for each stage is clear. You grow a tree and shape it properly so it grows in the right direction to reach the sunlight while avoiding dangerous shadows and other hostile elements and obstacles.

A magical and relaxing way to grow a tree. Prune #puzzlegame #review

Once the tree reaches the sunlight, it will bloom flowers that must match diamonds in the sky to proceed to the next level.

To prune is an easy task… but to shape the tree is another thing

Prune’s controls are very easy to use. To start growing a tree, just swipe your finger up from the ground. While the tree is growing, trim branches by swiping your finger across an unwanted branch. Remember that each swipe affects the direction the tree grows so you have to be careful not to cut off the main trunk or you will need to start again from scratch. The good thing about this game is you can easily replace your tree with another one if you are unsatisfied with your current one.


Prune’s first few levels are fairly easy, easing you into the mechanics of the game. As you progress, you will discover new mechanics that will make the game a bit more difficult. Nevertheless, this is the type of game that will let you unwind after a long, busy day. There are no time limits, or necessary stars to collect to complete a certain level. You can take your time in each level and enjoy the minimalistic art of this barren but alluring world.

It’s simply beautiful

Prune is remarkably beautiful. Rich, vibrant colors are used that contrast very nicely with a soft beige background. The overall theme is very minimalist with just enough texture in the background to give the visuals a bit of depth. Animations are very smooth and fluid. The game comes with a very relaxing soundtrack that blends very well into this game. I find myself wishing I could blow-up the visual for each finished level, frame it, and hang it on my living room wall. Everything is a beautiful work of art I would be willing to collect. Seriously!




Imagine having your own digital bonsai tree in your pocket. You carefully prune each tree so it will get enough sunlight to bloom cherry blossom-looking flowers that will prettily flutter up to the heavens towards awaiting twinkling stars. It’s relaxing, beautiful and is one heck of a puzzle that I highly recommend to everyone. It’s a must have and is worth to place on a high pedestal along with other puzzle app greats.

Well you look at that, I now have the chance to be a gardener… even if it is on digital space. Haha.

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

Prune Developer: by Joel Mcdonald

Awards & Recognition

  • “Winner – Best Upcoming Game, IMGAwards 2015” International Mobile Game Awards, 2015
  • “Official Selection – Brazil’s FILE Festival” FILE Festival, 2015
  • “Official Selection – Out of Index Experimental Games Festival” Out of Index Games Festival, 2015
  • “Finalist – 2015 Indie Plus Contest” Indie Plus Contest (FunPlus), 2015
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