Pirate Ring Review


It’s a Pirates life matey! Gold isn’t the treasure. It’s what is inside your coconut that counts!

Pirate Ring involves a lot of strategic planning, like what would you in chess, but with fewer rules and pieces to manage. Instead of moving more than a handful members from the royal court, you will handle 4 pieces, 2 rings and 2 coins. You can trigger special switches can transform your pieces to necessary pieces you need to get the ships you need to defeat the Captain. Sounds easy? That’s what you think.

Time to ready the planks… eeerr the board. It feels like a Pirate Casino


In Pirate Ring, as the name implies, you will play a pirate that will, in a sense, gamble for control over a number of pirate ships via the use of a magical board that seemed taken from a luxurious Pirate Casino (if there was such a thing). The details and colours of this board are very detailed and “pirate-eye candy” it becomes a joy to slide things on its surface.

On this board, you must outdo your opponent by claiming more ships than him and to remove ships from the opponent’s hands by buying them off with your coins. It’s a dog-eat-dog world, the more ships you have, the more chances of winning.
You and your opponent will start each round with 4 pieces, 2 coins and 2 rings.

It’s hard to live a Pirate’s life. Conquer or be conquered! Pirate Ring #puzzlegame #reviews puzzlegameapp.com

The rings are meant to be moved on the board’s open numbered areas to get a number of ships indicated. The coins are a defensive tool meant to be moved into your opponent’s claimed ships in order to buy off the ship’s from the enemies hands. The skull in the middle of the board is Dreadnay. Any player who lands an item of his on this skull will call the end of each round and the player with the most ships win.

Beside Dreadnay are switchers. On his left is the ring switch, while on the right is the coin switch. When any player lands the matching item to either switch, the player gets the chance to tap any other of his item and transform a ring to coin and vice versa.

When the ships are equal once an item moves over to Dreadnay, the battle is tied and the game continues. When you initiate a tie battle, you get rewarded and one of your tie markers turns over. But you will be required to move your piece off Dreadnay. The player who ties a battle three times or attacks one with more ships wins the game.

It became a challenge to learn the rules but once you get them, it’s worth it


It took me a while to get the hang of things because I got used to being shown the game mechanisms while playing. In Pirate Ring, you need to read the rules first before you play or you won’t get anywhere.

I think it would have been better to be taught the rules interactively. I’m not lazy in comprehending printed rules, but the app landscape has maximized on the teaching method of teaching anything by snippets, which inherently works for anything in real life.

For example, the best way to learn how to program is to type and run coding exercises while reading one module at a time. When you want to learn how to cook, you don’t go straight to chef gourmet recipes, you first learn how to boil water or to cook an egg. When aiming to become a mathematician, you first understand that 1+1 is 2 before reaching the level of (x – 1)2 = 7.

When I read the rules, I admit my eyes glazed over the words after 6-page turns. Despite visual aids to comprehend the rules easier, it didn’t provide enough impact for me to get the rules in one sitting. I felt like I was reading a rule book of Dungeons & Dragons board games (and those were long!). Pirate Ring rules aren’t that lengthy, but it felt like it since there was no indication within the pagination if I were arriving near the end of the rules or not.

But once you master the rules, be prepared to be addicted. Especially once you finish the ‘Beginner’ Level. This level is merely a practice area. Once you play at the other levels, that is where the real pirate game starts. The A.I. becomes 100% more clever compared to the Beginner Level and often the round starts with the opponent already having more ships than you do. But being the valiant Pirate that you are, you will not take this lying down as you manipulate your way into winning each round and beat the Captain. There is no way a Pirate is to be shamed!



In Conclusion, it’s all about how far you can cleverly plan your moves

You are playing against a smart A.I. Captain. Though not all pirates look like it, they are pretty smart and resourceful when it comes to ships and their loot. While playing, I often found myself cursing for not expecting a move from the Captain that made him win the round. He can manipulate your number of ships without you realizing. Or it could be just me being particularly slow in this kind of games. Nevertheless, I like it!

It’s no easy Pirate life in this game, conquer or be conquered. This is one simpler chess-like themed game that will make you regularly come back to outwit the Captain, providing you with constant fun brain exercise that is worth your time.

RATING: 3.5 / 5 stars      

Pirate Ring Developer Website: Pirate Ring/Secret Base Design

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