Paperama Review

Do you enjoy origami (folding paper art)? Do you have an inkling for zen-like games to exercise your brain with minimalistic gameplay so addicting it calls for positive reviews?


Look no further! Paperama promises a gameplay of folding paper into simple shapes that could make or break your mental muscles!

Unlike traditional origami, you won’t get instructions how to fold the paper in a certain way. You will have to figure how to fold the square paper to ‘fit’ in a given outline shape.

The concept is simple but if you haven’t done a lot of origami in your lifetime, this can pose quite a challenge since each level gives a limited number of folds you can do to complete the puzzle. If you go beyond the folding limit, you fail and need to restart the level.

Paperama levels

Paperama has 3 chapters, each having more than 20+ levels. The puzzle game calls for accuracy and concentration. Let’s say your shape doesn’t fit the shape, you may not get enough number of stars necessary to access further chapters. Paperama calls for ‘close to accurate’ as much as possible. Even if there aren’t any paper found outside the required shape border, if the paper isn’t close-to-exact the required shape (ergo. touching the borders), you might not get a perfect score. Now that is precision.

As much as the intuitiveness for folding is good, you might be frustrated when you suddenly let go of the screen and the paper abruptly moved a bit out of your designated area. In short, this game calls for skill and finesse, similar to how you do origami in real life.

Paperama heart

The 3D effect and sound of paper folding is amazing. While playing, you are accompanied by a lovely soundtrack, made to ease and soothe your nerves if you get frustrated. Origami in a sense, is an art of zen and this app has delivered that aspect beautifully.

Initial hints are available but when you run out of them you will need to purchase from their store. So use your hints wisely.

The game obviously has roots to Japanese culture, given origami did come from Japan. The minimalistic graphics, use of ‘Tani’, ‘Yama’ and ‘Jabara’ as level names reminded me of Asian folklores.

As origami is an art form that can be accomplished by anyone, Paperama is a must try puzzle game app for all ages. It’s simple, alluring and a charming piece of puzzle game.

And if you want to try an actual origami project, you can check these sites for instructions:

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Updated trailer video: October 13, 2015


Happy folding everyone!


RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

CREATOR: FDG Entertainment

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