A Mechanical Story Review

Help Mr. Mechanic revive his newly found robotic friend by placing the right parts in the right places at the right time. Sounds easy? Think again.

Finding a friend

Finding a friend.

There are 4 chapters with 12 levels each in this game. Each chapter has beautifully vectored albeit a subtle grunge effect in the visuals. Cartoonish in essence, the backgrounds though consists of cogs in different sizes in very light colors that move very slowly, giving a light multi dimensional feel to the stage.

I am no mechanic but this game made ‘tinkering’ fun for me. At the bottom of your screen is your toolbox wherein cogs and other mechanical parts are kept. There is unlimited use of parts but limited open spots. Utmost consideration for timing, parts integration in the right order is vital to get a high score for each level. You could easily make or break a level at the placement of a part. If you made a mistake, there is quick restart button at the right side of the screen.

Controls are very intuitive.

You only need to drag and drop a mechanical part to make cogs move with the goal is to push a red power switch and open a special box.

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There is an option to collect 2 stars in each level too by pushing on an appropriate button to open boxes these stars are confined in. These stars add up to game points you get after completing each level. Available tutorials are very handy in providing instructions on how each mechanical parts work.

How competitive are you?

Other game challenges rely on how competitive you are against other players. You can complete with friends via Game Center leaderboards or by social gaming via Facebook. To get a high score for each level, you need to be aware of “multipliers”.

Multipliers are earned by placing parts in succession on the stage. Removing a part will earn deductions to your score. Collecting all starts also help. Also, the faster you solve a level, the higher your score will be. Whether you are a perfectionist or a casual gamer, the flexibility of gameplay makes this app appropriate for anyone.

A mechanical story in red colors

A mechanical story in red colors.

After clearing chapter 1 I realized lack of achievement badges of some sort. I think that would make an additional rewards system to the game. Making gamers feel accomplished is a good motivator for continuous game experience after all. Yet, the game seems to work without them.

Go slowly but surely… if you want.

Animations are very smooth and fluid which aligns properly with the game’s music. I usually connote steampunk genre with rock-n-roll or upbeat fast music but here, the musical box-like music aids in pacing your thinking to go slowly but surely. Given there is no time limit for each level, you are enter zen-like meditation to aid in less mistakes.

In conclusion

If you are not mechanic in nature, A Mechanical Story will bring out the inner mechanic in you. Intuitive controls, challenging puzzles that requires thorough thinking and meditative music to help you pace your problem-solving skills, I recommend this app to anyone.



RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

A Mechanical Story Official Website: amechanicalstory.com

Developer’s Website: Skyfish Studios

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