Marble Drop Review


A simple, fun, gravitating puzzle game to for any age. A mind-using app that you must not hesitate to try because of its charming use of reminiscent blackboards from school days and ingenious use of intuitive audio for enhanced game experience.


It will not take long to learn the mechanics of this game. You only need to drag marbles into funnels so they land in like-colored cups. The complexity lies in figuring out the which funnels to use first, the process and timing to go through an intricacy of cannons, color mixers, switches and more obstacles for your marbles to arrive at their supposed designation. Otherwise, you start the level all over again.


Learning new interactions or obstacles are fairly easy with simple text instructions written on each stage. Hints are available when you are stuck but each hint has an equivalent number of coins to use. The coins you collect for each stage you complete.

Graphics and Sounds

The usage of many coloured chalk on a blackboard is very charming. A nostalgic run down school days.


For this age of detailed illustration, this minimalist approach is a nice change. Each ‘fall’ of the marble and interaction to any obstacle is appropriately associated with a ‘boom’, zhing’, ‘crrrrrrk’ and other mechanical audio integrations making a bite-sized polished puzzle game for everyone.

I also adore the lilting bell sound whenever a marble ends at the right cup and when you finish a stage. It gives the vibe of hard-earned accomplishment.


Marble Drop combines simple controls with diverse variety and challenges to deliver an addicting puzzle game. The game is free to download and has in-app purchases of coins to use for hints when you are stuck.

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4 / 5 stars