Manowar Review


What invoked me to try Manowar is because of its app icon, which looked quite similar to Space Cadet, an old Windows-based Pinball game. Feeling a bit nostalgic, I thought of trying the game and I was pleasantly surprised of its ‘ghost ship’ theme as well as its mesmerizing atmosphere.

Each level show planks of wood layout differently, portraying an exoskeleton of a ghost ship. By tilting the screen, you must get the balls loaded into the cannons, then tap the screen to fire the canon and/or cause balls to jump. There are about 60 levels of individually crafted puzzle stages. This might not sound a lot compared to other puzzles having nearly 100 levels, but believe me when I say that the challenges in Manowar are fairly difficult that I doubt anyone can finish the game that easily.

It’s a compact challenging game worth your time

The first stages are very easy to solve, but as you chronologically progress through the game, you will realize the importance of logical thinking, precise timing, and good reflex in order to fire all cannonballs out of the ship. Besides that, you will encounter more complex layouts that will make you want to tear your hair out in frustration… or that could just me be. I admit not having the best reflex in the world. No wonder I never got that far in Temple Run.

Good thing though, you can restart a level unlimited times. I can’t imagine pushing through this game otherwise if I had to regularly purchase in the appstore just to refresh a level.


One thing very notable about this game is you can play it with only one hand. I made the mistake of installing it on my iPad so I had to use both hands to tilt the gadget. So take note, this game is best played on smaller screens. Thus, making this game highly recommendable to play while riding public transformation or while waiting in line.

Manowar’s use of vivid colors, smooth subtle animations, and suitable FX + soundtrack makes this compact game feel complete in all aspects of intuitive and fulfilling puzzle game. I have not finished the game yet since I’m having a hard time completing some levels and I try my best to ward temptation in using the ‘Skip level’ freebies.




I’m loving Manowar so far. Its visuals are beautiful, the music and sound effects are effective. The controls are very intuitive, the gameplay simple but challenging. I highly recommend Manowar to puzzle game lovers, who crave a simple, but challenging game for mental exercise. It will be frustrating at times but just as it is with real life, it is through challenges we find the most satisfaction in victory. This is definitely worth your time and money to check out.

I’m wondering if there is anyone out there who can easily finish this game. If there is someone out there, could you share your techniques? I’m bent in finishing this game without using the Skips. Hopefully, I won’t give up by then. Haha.

RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars      

Manowar Developer: Lachlan Nuttall

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