Magic Colors Review

A brain exercise with a twist

A clean interface with intersecting hexagons, each with triangles dividing the shape into six equal parts. These triangles will depict colors you can twist within the hexagons by sliding your finger on the screen. The shapes can overlap and blend, offering the players with the challenge of matching the target pattern.

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Colors are lovely and I wanted more

The white background was a good choice to emphasize the colors in the hexagons. It could be my web designer side rearing its artsy head, but I wanted more colors. It was too clean… squeaky clean that I wanted to get some watercolor and wash-up the white background a bit to add some depth and color. Then again, this could be just me.

The use of a white background was a valuable choice to enhance focus on colors within the puzzle. But I felt it became a constricting factor to an underlying essence of the game. I understand that colors were the definitive factor in this app, and it was. I finished the first 12 levels, and all the colors I saw were yellow and green. I grew visually bored and I stopped for a while to get my bearings. Amazingly, bored as I was with the visuals I decided to go back because I just wanted to continue.

I think that this game can ‘liven’ things a bit by granting accomplishment badges or awards for completing puzzles. Awards can be in the form of uncovering a new color, or maybe even owning one just for the heck of it. My thinking is, to provide some balance in using stark white background for gameplay focus, a ‘colorful’ award system can, in definition, still hold true to the game’s theme and add more fun into it.

Interestingly enough, this is the first puzzle game I found that has been overly generous with hints. A maximum of four hints is provided at the bottom of the screen, which could be hidden by tapping on a tab. Although I find this very helpful, I’m wondering how steadfast others will be in avoiding this temptation before they gave their all in solving a puzzle.

The music adds life

I think the music is an intelligent factor of this game. The music offers a balance from the squeaky clean interface by sending ‘colorful’ images to your brain. It paints in your head a colorful page from a children’s book. Seriously, the music gave me visuals of romping unicorns and elves having a picnic in a hidden grove. I’m also reminded of Pocoyo and Teletubbies, and we all know how colorful those kid shows can get.

What bothered me a bit is the RPG-like sound notification when you finish a puzzle. It felt cut-off from the theme of the game. I think it would have been better to use something melodic or star-like to blend well with the music.




I felt a bit let down on the graphics and sound notification, but Magic Colors makes up for it with its superb mechanic for critical thinking, geometry, and fun in jigsaw puzzles. Each stage presents a new level of difficulty in matching the patterns which will vitalize player’s brains to solve each puzzle. As long as you avoid being lazy by assessing the hints area, you are bound for hours of fun but intense brain workout.

RATING: 3.5 / 5 stars      

Magic Colors Developer Website: HitSparking

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