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Line It Up is a minimalistic drag dots and lines to solve puzzles on geometry, estimated percentages and tests of accuracy. By that definition, it sounds so boring, so math-ish it eludes fun. Don’t let that deceive you. Underneath all analytical connotations are puzzles of fun, brain-busting levels you will soon be challenged (and sometimes frustrated) you will not be able to let go.

Line It Up game levels

Line It Up consists of 6 levels of visual puzzles ranging from Beginner to Impossible.

Gameplay is pretty simple. Follow instructions to the best of your abilities to acquire enough number of stars to proceed to the next level.

I’m currently playing at the beginner stage but I see the potential of how difficult other levels will be. Some puzzles I played which made me believe my theory are below:

Your accuracy will be tested.
At my current beginner level, there are puzzles to which you have to copy or complete a shape by dragging dots and lines. Easy right?

Wrong. If your angle, or line measurement strayed quite far from where a point or line is should be, you lose.

Make a hexagon / any other shape ‘exact’.

Line It Up Puzzle

I needed to drag some dots to complete hexagon sides. What killed me was one side became too long.

The challenge comes with not having a in-game ruler to help you with measurements. Also, the thick, diagonal background lines will question your estimations of length and space. Frustrating, but challenging.

Do you understand space?
I was made to divide a circle into 4 parts using 2 lines. Easy.

My initial lack of attention to give equal parts did it for me. I had to redo the puzzle and became obsessive and compulsive to give estimated equal parts.

If you want to use a ruler on your ipad while playing this game, do so. It can help.

If I’m having these problems at the beginner stage, what more on the next levels? * sweats *

Line It Up Puzzles Beginner Stage

Ergo, the trick to get 5 stars on all puzzles is get a good estimate of line measurement and angles. Oh, and be an obsessive and compulsive line and angle maniac before you submit your solution.

There is a place to get hints but this number is limited and you may want to use them only on puzzles you are stuck forever in. For more number of hints, in-app purchases are available.

If there is a complaint to give for this game, it would be the pop-ads. If there was a way to remove them that would be great.

So you see, this game is more on geometric fun rather than computations. It’s like a visual graining ground of lines and angles, which to a point is enjoyable everyone regardless of age and profession. Toddlers play with shapes, kids are made to draw in art class, office people will deal with graphs, etc.

Although, I think designers, artists and engineers will like this game very much.



RATING: 4 / 5 stars      

CREATOR: Turbo Chili Pty Ltd

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