Let’s Fold Review


Being a lover of Japanese culture, I had indulged myself to anything Japanese. That is inclusive of origami – the art of paper folding and here is another puzzle game app that has innovated this fine art into an intuitive screen of folding gameplay similar to Paperama with some minor differences along the way.

Let's Fold

Let’s Fold

Wherease Paperama provides random shapes to fold ‘with finesse’ in order to attain perfect stars to progress each stage, Let’s Fold showcases a surprise visual treat for each accomplished shape. While folding, you will see at the top right corner a meter-like icon gradually taking color and ‘shape’ for every correct and precise fold that you do. After completing each shape a cute and adorable character appears, giving sense to what the shape is all about. When you complete all stages, you have a collection of origami cuteness!

Let’s Fold might rear the perfectionist in you. Your fingers must be precise (and not shaky) while folding for each fold must perfectly fit within given shape borders. Otherwise, you wouldn’t achieve the necessary amount of stars to access other stages. There’s no other way to go about it. Perfectionism and patience are the key to success.

Let's Fold cute icons

Let’s Fold adorable characters.

Together with catchy bopping music, minimalist graphics and cute illustrations, you would think this app is for kids. True, but it still can serve as an eye-candy for adults and is pretty addicting. The cute shapes is quite a treat since they give an idea how to make the similar shapes in real life. Find some paper, coloring materials and have an art fest! This app can be a good origami art reference for paper folding beginners.

Let's Fold hint purchase options

Let’s Fold hints

Let’s Fold provides hints for those frustrating moments when you’re getting nowhere and reached your folding limit count. Reminder: you have to use those hints wisely because they tend to run out and you will have to purchase more hints if you need more.


I’m sure some will ask, “So which is better? Paperama or Let’s Fold”? My answer: it depends. It’s a matter of visual and musical preference.

Paperama evokes a zen atmosphere while Let’s Fold exudes fun and cuteness. Simple controls and no time limit are similar and the essence or origami is found within each: which is to fold with precision and creatively figure out methods to make something out of nothing.

For now though, I’m enjoying the cute characters in Let’s Fold so I’m going to play this in quite a while.

Happy folding!

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

CREATORS: FiveThirty

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