Last Voyage Review

Artistically trippy!

A sci-fi cinematic puzzle game that you will love for its psychedelic and geometric artistry set within an atmospheric background and dynamic environment that you will leave you in breathless wonder.

This is YOUR sci-fi adventure

You are cast into a barren desert, wherein the huge sun hangs near the horizon, its red blood color forbode of an unknown misfortune. There is no misfortune really, you are just alone. Nothing looks familiar except for two similar geometric towers standing nearby.

Nothing happens. There is no booming voice from the heavens, no light appears to show you the way, no subtitles to give you a hint what to do. On each tower is a square button-like thing. When you press on it, the towers will merge to form a doorway. The world fades away. You just finished the tutorial stage.

Next thing you know, you are on your way to a colorful geometrically psychedelic cum 2001: A Space Odyssey world.

Trust your instincts

You won’t get any instructions. Everything in this game is constructed in a way to invite you to explore and logically put into place connections of shapes, movement, and at some point reflex. You will need to tap and discover patterns and concepts. Some puzzles are indeed, puzzling while others are more direct to the point. In the end, all puzzles make sense and are connected to each other attributing to an abstract world of discovery and adventure.

Mesmerizing and psychedelic. This game is worth your while. Last Voyage #puzzlegame #review

The game has five chapters with each having an otherworldly puzzle theme. Each chapter are broken down into subchapters, which I think are apt to make each puzzle exciting despite its very linear environment.

This is a game without loopholes. There are no required number of stars to collect to access a level, you can’t skip chapters to try out advanced ones. At a point, I realized there was no way to save a game progress. You can resume, share or quit the game. If you think you can restart the app and go back in the middle of a chapter, that will not happen. In essence, I find that function unnecessary because each puzzle is pretty short and not altogether complicated to begin with. Still, it would have been better to have such feature available.

If anything, the most difficult chapters I dealt with are those that dealt with quick motion. There are chapters where your reflex will spell your success. For example, in the second chapter, you need to swipe to move between approaching shapes, which serve as tunnels to reach a white or black gate at the end of each seconds long stage. You will feel like you are in the world of Tron and that you are traveling into a different dimension. Though my eyes are accustomed to the fast movements, my hands can’t catch up. I think if you are a well-seasoned gamer you will have no problems with these.

Nothing exists but colors and shapes

The visuals are breathtaking and stylish. Geometric minimalism dominates the game, with some chapters wonderfully exploiting colors. Combine simple yet powerful visuals with a very atmospheric music and smooth animation, some chapters feels hypnotizing. What’s more mesmerizing is how geometric shapes fluidly animate according to the background music.




I love this game! For me, Last Voyage has set a good example of another cinematic gameplay for those of us who wants to mentally train our brains without tiring it out.

My only problem? It feels too short! I would have loved more mind-boggling (but relaxing) puzzles. For a $.99 game, I guess that is a sacrifice within boundaries of any business model. For $.99 though, Last Voyage is like a gift for its artistry and minimalist seduction.

If I am to metaphorically relate this game to real life, it tells us to honor a process. The process is to deal with each obstacle in an objective point of view, turn it around for options to find the best option, and work into twisting to make things work, then voila! You are a winner.

I give Last Voyage a perfect 5.

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

Last Voyage Developer: Semidome Inc., Based in Toronto, Canada

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