King Rabbit Review


All Hail the Fluffy King!

One of a King’s duties is to protect his constituents from all forms of evil. Though the majority of Kings we know rule from their lofty thrones, this charming, fluffy animal tend to do otherwise. He went on a gallant and dangerous quest to rescue his bunny citizens from a variety of enemies from multiple lands.

Yes, we expect a prince to ride a horse and battle the dragon, but a cute white, fluffy, courageous rabbit also does the same thing right?

It’s Disturbingly Easy and Addicting

There are no buttons to use to control the rabbit. Rather, you swipe the screen to the direction you want the rabbit to go to. The same method is enough to move boxes, control levers, light bombs, and more. This intuitive control makes this game highly recommendable for one-hand gaming on smaller screens. Together with bite-sized challenges thrown into each level, the gameplay becomes highly addicting and manageable.

Some levels require logical thinking while others rely on reflexes to avoid new obstacles that come your way as you progress through each level. Nevertheless, new tools and helpful passageways also come up to aid you in your quest. This change of pace for game difficulty keeps perspective fresh making the gameplay not feel redundant regardless of the number of levels you play in one sitting.

The Game Keeps You on Your Toes

There is a good balance of reflex and puzzle-solving required in this game, making it not too easy nor too hard for players. There is no time limit, no waiting time to recharge your character’s energy, no required in-app purchases to continue a level. But it doesn’t mean you will want the rabbit to die multiple times… even though that is bound to happen. It’s a good game of trial and error with nothing to hold you back in solving a level. You will feel the struggle to ensure the King Rabbit gets to his destination, intact and whole.



Features you Will Surely Like!

  • Hints: If you get stuck, hints are there to help you find all the gold and complete the level.
  • Slow Time: Are the action levels a little too quick? You can use this power to slow down everything except King Rabbit!
  • Customization: Customize how the King Rabbit dies! You decide if he explodes into a pile of carrots, diamonds, skulls, or something else.
  • Interesting Items: Keys, Love Potion, Spike Crown, Fire Crown, Bombs, Saws, Levers, Switches, Spikes, Shooting Turrets, Rabbit Holes, Holy Water, TNT crates, Skull Crates, Spiderwebs, Rotating Saws, Holy Shields.
  • Beautiful Art Style: A distinct and intricate art style, each piece is carefully drawn and animated.
  • Intuitive Levels: 96 Increasingly challenging levels are carefully designed so that you learn while playing. No boring tutorials!


This game has found a place in my mobile gadget. It’s fun and easy to play anytime and anywhere I am. I can see myself swiping while commuting in the train, and I don’t find it hard to introduce this game to my friends too. Besides, I’m a sucker for cute creatures braving the big, bad world. I doubt anyone will resist not trying this game at least once because it’s cute, intuitively simple, but addictingly challenging as well. It’s a must game to have!

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

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