Jungle Treasures 2 Review


Sling those shots baby!

Monkeys love nothing more than to get bananas. In this jungle, our monkey uses a slingshot made of his friend, a snake (poor little snake!), to sling different things and destroy walls protecting the bananas.

If you are reminded of Angry Birds from this premise, it works exactly like that. But instead of flinging different kinds of birds with special abilities, you get to fling various materials (and fellow animals) to get to the prized yellow fruit. I find the different things flung enjoyable. They range from soft hay to an accelerating hedgehog, to a Sun that could damage any material, and even to a Super Bomb, that can destroy anything in one go.

It’s like Angry Birds but with additional risky and fun elements. Jungle Treasure #puzzlegame #review puzzlegameapp.com

Bananas are Not Just For Eating

Bananas and gems are the currency used in this game.

There are three modes in this game. The Single Player mode has several puzzles, which also serve as the tutorial part of the game. Each time you finish a level, you earn bananas. The lesser shots you do to finish a puzzle, you earn more bananas, unlock further levels and get farming points for later use.

Once you are finished at a certain level in Single Player mode, you can now go to Multiplayer mode, which offers a more strategic and challenging levels of the game. Since this mode is purely social based, you get to play in levels with other players. To enter a level, you need to place a bet as required by the player. If you win the level, you gain the bet amount. Otherwise, you lose bananas.

I find the multiplayer mode quite expensive. Not only do you place bets (and some can be darn expensive), but you need to purchase weapons too. While playing, you cannot exceed the required amount of target shots provided in each level.

If you find yourself running out of bananas, you can go to the Farming mode. Here, you pop banana bubbles falling down from the tree. Harvesting time is limited. So you only get a certain amount every time. Farming isn’t unlimited either. You get certain number of slots to enter Farming mode everytime you finish a level within Single Player mode.

An added bonus, you can also build your own level to challenge other players.

It’s Like Joining a Fun Jungle Casino. You Need to Be Smart to Win Those Bananas!

In Multiplayer mode, bets are the means to earn bananas. The higher you bet, the higher amount you can get or lose. It’s an additional risk factor that adds spice to an Angry Birds premise. It isn’t hard to learn the rules, but it takes a while getting used to since its source of inspiration didn’t have the economic attribute this game is positioning itself on.

For however easy it is to understand the rules, the more challenging it gets once you get the flow of economy in the jungle. Strategically managing your finances finds its way to frustration-ville but we all know compound investments works well if you also have a good aim and trajectory of the future. In Jungle Treasure 2, you will be trained to be smart, resourceful and precise. You also get to invest in building your own battle field for other players.



Jungle Treasure 2 is the app to play as an alternative and possible ‘remake’ of the popular Angry Birds. It’s fun and colorful, with challenging gameplay that could hook you on hours end.

RATING: 3.5 / 5 stars      

Developer: Xatonax Limited/Big Image Game Studios

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