Jellies! Review



Never snooze in a river full of carnivorous jellies.

Bob chills by the river. He snoozes and his right hand unconsciously falls into cool waters, where a bunch of colorful and adorable but carnivorous smiling squared-face jellies chomped his fingertips!

Shocked and outraged, Bob needs your help to get all his fingers back! He will need you to string and chain in these jellies in a lengthy river found in this retro vectored landscape.

Mission: You will need to string or chain as much similar colored jellies as you can within a time limit and collect enough points for your boat to float up the map to the next level.

Jellies successfully integrates urgency to make the game interesting.

It’s a simple match game but these jellies constantly move within the clean waters of the river. They give your finger a run chasing them about and you will possibly curse a few times seeing how much fun they get from giving you hard time.

Puzzle Game App’s post on Vine

Nifty illustrations of Bob’s social media timeline (complete with hashtags and using an Instagram posting format) adds a nice touch for game progression and unlocking events. Challenges and missions spice up the gameplay to avoid the feeling of repetition and to collect more points.

Jellies know how to have fun.

These jellies know how to liven up the waters when you capture a ‘disco’ jelly by confining it by chain of other jellies. This ‘disco jelly’ changes colors and once you capture it, it will make all the jellies move double the normal speed and the waters take on a colorful spectacle of having a hidden mobile ball somewhere jazzing up the water. It’s disco time baby!

Plus, these jellies can make adorable voices and face expressions worthy to observe. So cute!

On Power-ups and In-apps


The game has a multiplayer feature, wherein you can compete with another player. After a challenge, you will need to wait some minutes to recover to take on another challenge.

Power-ups are available to upgrade your chances in getting a high score in single mode or with another Jellies player.

Most used power-up would be the time extension but you can probably live without that if you are fast enough to catch many jellies in one go.

You can purchase more time-extensions within the in-app and also unlock endless mode with $0.99. You can do without the 0.99 by inviting Facebook friends, which is pretty generous of them.


The Jellies are cheeky with their funny expressions, the visuals provide vector goodness, and the gameplay easy but interesting to play for a long time given the challenges provided by the missions. It’s a must to install in your gadget for those times you need to wait for someone or wanting to pass the time.



RATING: 4 / 5 stars      

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Price: Free

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