Escape The Hellevator Review

Escape he Hellevator

You are Clarence Ridgeway. You are dying and is rushed to the E.R. in an hospital elevator. From out of nowhere, a mysterious priest rushes in and forces you to relieve your sins as the elevator suddenly starts to plummet down to your final judgement. Will you the survive the fall or be given the chance to repent for your sins?

Nostalgic, old-school comic style visuals exemplify transparent terror and consternation of a man realizing his immorality as time pressures him to escape several nightmares. He is uncertain if he is hallucinating or is indeed, nearing and talking to death.

To the emergency room!

Accentuate the despair with anxiety-ridden speech balloons, which displays between stages and on specific interactions and hints. From above you will see the elevator plummeting down to an escapable death. You wonder, is there a time limit for this? There is none but that is the kind of initial pressure you will feel in Hellevator and it successfully delivers empathy for flawed humanity. Even if you feel compelled to agree that Clarence is getting what he deserves, you can’t wait to progress to the next level. He is your protagonist and the only way to escape a room is to relive a sin. So much for ‘passing away’ quietly.

Each stage depicts an instance of Clarence’s sinful life boxed within a plummeting elevator. There is his office, a kitchen, a prison and more. Navigating is intuitive although some item interactions swipe the opposite direction you are aiming for. The swipe inconsistencies can be a bit confusing but is easily forgive-able since the graphics and music are astonishing to behold and interact with. Check the trailer below to see how the game looks like.


If there is a flaw in this game, I would say the lack of saving your game or an auto-game feature is a downer. Maybe some puzzle gamers don’t need it but I bet many would. There were instances I wanted to continue the game the next day and I closed the application before going to sleep. The next day, I found myself starting the stage at the very beginning and no way to load my recent event. It’s a subtle plus that each stage isn’t too long and weren’t tied to sequence of events from other stages similar to those in Machinarium for I would have no patience to duplicate previous actions and leave the game altogether.

I had a case wherein one stage consistently closed down the app when I tried interacting with a remote control. After 3 crashes (and starting each stage everytime), I decided to access the game guide within the app and find the solution to that specific puzzle so I can proceed without any crashes. It worked. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed soon.



This is one awesome 3D escape game worthy for all the attention it deserves. Indeed, Escape from Hellevator has similarities with The Room but it does not stand on a lower shelf of recognition. Its clever plot injected to a common gameplay, the use of detailed albeit a bit disturbing set of graphics concerning morality and the well-crafted puzzles that aren’t completely bewildering… these are the cherries that made this game special.

RATING: 4 / 5 stars      

CREATORS: Fezziwig Games / Adrian Woods
PRICE: $1.99

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