Haunt the House: Terrortown Review


It’s way past Halloween, but that doesn’t mean nobody can spook the hell out of you. Spooks happen anytime, anywhere. When some ghosts, who are looking for a bit of attention are within your vicinity, prepare to slowly have your sanity robbed out of you until you can’t take it any more.

Ghosts Just Want Some Attention Too

The gameplay starts with a little cute ghost, who woke up from the sounds of people milling about in nearby establishments. This cute ghost can enter any of the buildings, but nobody notices it despite all the moaning sounds it does as it flies by. Besides, this ghost is too cute to even scare anyone. Until it realizes that it can possess any objects to scare people away. And that’s when the fun starts for our little ghost friend.

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Ghosts Level-Up with their Spooks

Every time you complete a spook with your ghost that either subtly or terrifyingly affects people in the area, the spook meter goes up. The higher your spook meter goes, the more kind of spooks you can do. The goal is to scare people away out of the building, with an added bonus of killing a character along the way to gain a new ghostly companion.

It Makes you Feel Cheerily Evil


The cute 2D animation takes away the morbid essence of a character’s death. The 2D environment is bright and stylish. Add this environment with a jazz soundtrack starts makes this game deceptively safe and cute.

The fun comes in when discovering new ways to spook people and the way you chase them out of the building. It would take some patience and right timing to get the sequence spooks right. You can make the tail of a skeleton T-rex wag a bit, or have a spectral form slide across its skeletal back. Make lightbulbs flicker, or have a ballerina twirl in a wall painting. Though scaring people senseless isn’t the polite way to do in real life, seeing people screaming for their deal lives leaves a feeling of evil satisfaction. More so when they jump out of the window. Admit it, planning something scary while waiting in the dark, ready to pounce when anything with a pulse passes by, sends the adrenaline rushing. I should feel guilty about it, but I’m not.

This core ‘find-ways-to-spook’ gameplay is fun to a degree. Limited by the objects you interact with leaves a feeling of non-replayability once you discovered all the methods to spook. Despite updates for new locations and items to spook, once you have discovered everything you can do, there isn’t much to do anymore. Sometimes I don’t finish a level altogether due to the redundancy of actions, although I’d return to it after awhile. Scaring people shitless is fun but variety is necessary to keep the adrenaline going.




This is cheery Halloween-themed special with a dark side. Yet, it’s addicting to play for some haunting cruelty that is deeply satisfying. The game can be short and lavish, but I consider it a great game to play for those times you want to feel a little bit evil without going overboard (in real life). It’s not about being evil… maybe just a little bit mischievous. 😀

RATING: 3.5 / 5 stars      

Haunt the House: Terrortown Developer: SFB Games

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