har•mo•ny 3 Review


You will feel many things…

Expect a very user-friendly and intuitive mechanic that will hook you up into hours of gameplay. You will love the first few levels only to realize how complex a simple scheme can be. You will be addicted by it. There will be times you will be frustrated. Despite all that, this is the most relaxing, meditative and atmospheric game you will ever play. You will zone out, chill and have a fun time with two of the most influencing aspects of life: color and music.

Simply Touch to Swap

Reassemble each palette in 90 beautiful, challenging levels. Touch two squares to interchange their positions in the right order of color scheme required in the level. There is an eye at the bottom of the screen you need to hold to temporarily show the right order of color bands.

The relaxing elegance of color and music. This is a must have #puzzlegame. Harmony 3 #review puzzlegameapp.com

Each piece can only be moved a set number of times, depending on the number of dots found on each square. Each can only be swapped in the same row or column. The first few levels were easy but as you progress new and complex arrangements with dozens of pieces emerge.

This is color-music symmetry heaven. It just oozes relaxation.

In design, the right combination of color spells success for an image. In this game, the developers maximized the use of ‘cool’ color harmony, wherein the color combinations combined with a very atmospheric background music invoked the sense of meditative relaxation. Despite the same background seemingly plays for hours end, it didn’t end up annoying at all. Hours of playing this game will make you fall completely into its relaxing ambiance.


In hindsight, I have this funny feeling I’m going to use this game as my background music when I want to relax. I can just leave the app open while I relax my mind. But with such highly-regarded musical score by Nashville band Hammock, it is as expected that an album is available for download via iTunes and Spotify. This is an album worth having, which I have included in my wish list.

While everything is easy to digest, the game is quite strict

I wonder what can be the reason behind not having a hint system or to have multiple undos. You can only undo up to one move at a time and you can’t jump over to the next stage until you clear the one you’re on. It’s strictly linear. Though I find this negligible, there were times I can’t help but wish for that hint button to appear.




har•mo•ny 3 is definitely a puzzle game app worth to download. Hardly do we find games that makes you want to ‘chill’ while playing. I don’t know how har•mo•ny 3 compres to its predecessors as I have never played them but for first-time har•mo•ny players like me, this game is a real treat and I can’t wait for more updates on it.

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RATING: 4.5 / 5 stars      

har•mo•ny 3 Developer: BorderLeap

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