God of Light Review

This is where a light-giving utopia exists but all things come to an end…

God of Light

God of Light

Breathtaking ambiance combined with futuristic subtle techno-hip soundtrack made a common light-bounce-on-mirrors gameplay unique and truly eye-candy for any age. This is one of the best puzzle games I’ve played for its great artwork and superb animation.

Even the cosmos needs a guiding hand when a crystal filled world is shrouded in stilled darkness. This is the premise of God of Light, wherein a beautiful landscape filled with light-exuding crystals all went out when the main light beacon’s mirror shattered into pieces. All light-giving crystals died except for one, who will revive the world back into its breathtaking glory.

Meet Shiny, a cute bright star ready to combat darkness…

Help Shiny light the beacon or "Source of Light"

Help Shiny light the beacon or “Source of Light”

Shiny is our cute illuminating mascot. He doesn’t wield a sword and goes into adventure to find a relic or fight a big boss and save the world. His main purpose is to give light and he needs your help to guide his light to find and activate in a beacon or the ‘Source of Light’ to complete each level. The necessity to find objects in complete darkness that will reflect, split, combine, paint, bend and teleport his rays of light energy adds a unique twist in this age-old ‘reflecting’ gameplay in games.

Like in most puzzle games, the controls are simply tap and drag/swipe. You tap on Shiny to wake him and drag his light around the stage to find items to help bring his light to the beacon. Some items need to be individually rotated or moved to create the perfect path for the light to follow. There are also a maximum of 3 star crystals to collect in each level.

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Perfection can be disconcerting.

This is where it can get pretty disconcerting because you NEED to have a perfect collection of stars each and every time to unlock future worlds. If you don’t have the patience you can unlock worlds via in-app purchases.

The idea of 100% perfect stars requirement at first was baffling given majority of similar games wouldn’t do as such. You only needed to reach a minimum number of stars to validate your competency to win against more complex levels.

God of Light made a turn to an uncommon app business method which I realized later on isn’t much of a big deal because the game itself is flexible it its intricacy that given you are a solid puzzle solver and you view replaying a level as a new challenge, you can win the stars without any in-app purchase. God of Light isn’t one of those puzzle games that “forces you” to purchase due to game limitations.

If you get stuck on a puzzle, you can use glowing fireflies to quickly reveal the solution for you. When you drag a firefly from the top corner to over the stage, it will show you faint traces of the path you need to make. The longer you use a firefly, the more energy it will burn up so you have to be quick about “seeing” the revealed light path. Sometimes fireflies hide in the darkness and they need Shiny’s light to wake up and offer their help to you later on. If you want more fireflies for later use, you can purchase more via in-app. Personally, I think you can do without firefly purchases.

Everything in this world is mesmerizing and bright

Prior to when the world went dark, the landscape was fascinatingly futuristic and fairytale-like delightful. This you will realize while swiping Shiny’s light across your screen, the stage will be illuminated for you to see the gorgeous details of healthy foliage and vastness of space.



In conclusion:

God of Light is a treat for the eyes and a challenge for the brain. Visuals are stunning and the music is great. This is one game that is hard to put down given the levels of difficulty is enough to keep you interested but not limiting to force any purchases from you.

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

God of Light Developer website: playmous.com

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