Furdemption Review


The fall of a furry leader?

I don’t know what he did but a furry rabbit king fell into the depths of hell. He must collect feathers in order to, I assume, build wings to fly out of Satan’s realm. He must get to the feathers strategically timing every move while avoiding spinning blades, run away from Grim reaper, hop fast over shaky platforms, and not be blown by your own activated bombs. Sounds twisted and too much for a helps rabbit? Well that is what you are here for.

It’s a 2D mimic of hell’s chambers

I adore every aspect of this puzzle game. From its detailed 2D graphics, which by the way, reminded me a lot of old SNES games (e.g. Legend of Zelda, Mario Bros.) but better. The sound and music are very well made as it reminded me of dungeons and dragons related games, but this is more in tune with a rabbit finding his way around hell. I usually don’t have much affinity with any games relating to images of hell because it gives me too vivid images of Dante’s inferno, but the integration of a cute, furry, white, helpless looking angelic rabbit is pure genius. In my opinion, this iconic rabbit has become a smart way to attract different game app markets.

There’s no way to go but forward

Aid the rabbit leader to collect feathers and get out of hell! Furdemption #puzzlegame #review puzzlegameapp.com

Controls are very straightforward. Just swipe to the direction that you need to move towards. The way the controls work simply flow with the whole gameplay especially since you can’t do anything else when you have to move and think efficiently to get to that feather or collect as much gold coins as you can without dying a brutal death. Mark my words, the rabbit will die a number of times. Good thing, the rabbit has more lives than a cat. He needs all of those to accomplish his mission.

Everything is increasingly addicting. Like watching Indiana Jones adventures

Every level in this game is challenging and addicting. Some levels had to be done a few times as it was very challenging, especially for me, who lacks some kind of reflex to swipe fast enough to reach the goal. Honestly, sometimes I can’t time my swipes fast enough to get that weather. Sometimes, I swipe too much in a hurry, the rabbit falls into a lava. Sorry rabbit. 🙁 Regardless, the challenge aspect makes the game such a blast to play.

Despite the 2D visuals and iconic rabbit character, this game is intense, challenging and epic. Indeed, you will get the rabbit obliterated, its body cut into smithereens and blood spilling out but you will not take no for an answer. Redemption is within reach and there is no way you will let a helpless rabbit stay in hell forever.









This is an awesome game to have that will bring you hours of challenging but addicting gameplay. It’s worth adding to your collection of puzzle games. This elegant, 2D complex game will challenge your senses to the max. Every aspect of this puzzle oozes with quality art, animation and sound design that blends harmoniously, the game deserves much of its awards and recognition.

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

Furdemption Developer Website: RareSloth

Game Features

  • Simple swipe gameplay, kid tested and approved
  • 100 progressively-challenging levels
  • A mixture of skill and logic puzzles to delight the senses
  • Smooth animations that immerse you in the world
  • Loaded with subtle sounds, animations and particle effects
  • 3 iCloud game slots so your siblings can play too!
  • A premium experience with no in-App purchases or ads
  • Universal app that plays perfectly on both iPhones and iPads
  • Available in English, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, German, French, Italian, Thai, and Russian
  • Exclusively on the Apple App Store

Awards & Recognition

  • Rated 9.9 / 10 from Digitalspot.net – This game truly adds an intense entertainment value to your mobile game library.” – DigitalSpot
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