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Physics games aren’t my forte. I think I don’t have enough reflex to make the necessary movements fast enough to easily pass a game level, nor are my trajectories perfect. I remember the time when I first played Angry Birds. I easily got addicted to it. I remembered one time when a stage took me about 3 days to get past it. It took me that long because I only played the said game after I wake up and before going to work. So I only had a few minutes to actually play it in a day.

But my reflex issues did not deter me from playing physics based games. Especially when the games have a unique, engaging (albeit a bit sadistic) atmosphere that is hard to ignore.

Intro to Freeze! 2 – Brothers by Frozen Gun Games

This game is a sequel to Freeze!, which came out in 2012 and was downloaded over 11 million times. I haven’t played the first Freeze! game but according to my research said puzzle won awards and spectacular reviews due to its intuitive game mechanics, gloomy graphics and sinister soundtrack. No, this is no horror flick but when I first opened Freeze! 2 in my iPad, I felt like entering Twilight zone or the X-Files.

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Our Hero is still out there

Continuing the storyline from the first Freeze!, our anonymous hero has a younger brother, who heads to the stars in a self-built rocket to rescue his brother from the aliens. Your objective is to assess and turn each twisted chamber while avoiding life-threatening elements such as poisonous liquids, dangerously sharp objects, and others.

Unlike in the first Freeze!, you will need to maneuver two heroes to reach the time warp to exit a stage. If that wasn’t hard enough, there will also be switches you need to trigger to open gates, and even spinning platforms you will not be able to control. The very useful freeze button, which temporarily suspends you in the air is still in the game.

It’s dark, twisted and surreal… just the way we like it. Freeze! 2 #puzzlegame #review

Freeze! 2 is Maddening

This game is spooky, fun and addicting. The overall atmosphere of the game reminds me of Tim Burton movies, which were dark but enthralling. The minimalist dark and grey world, accompanied by haunting dark soundtrack made me feel I’m within a spooky alien world. The two heroes, which were only eyes that could maneuver itself around water, are the only things I consider ‘cute’ in this game. Everything else is the opposite.

There is tension to be felt while playing this game. The controls are easy to use and you are able to easily turn the chambers and press the Freeze! buttons to freeze on air, but the water can jostle your heroes out of their frozen position, and the way sharp objects are placed strategically in the already cramped chambers doesn’t help at all. Though I haven’t encountered any time-limit, the limited number of freeze button usage adds another layer of challenge in the game.

Physics based game often makes one feel the ‘reality’ of things, of how some elements are out way beyond our control. Freeze! 2 successfully accomplishes portraying that feeling.


This is no game for people with no patience. This is no action-packed or head-to-head competition game. And you will not find any colorful backgrounds or serene music to accompany you on your mission. Freeze! 2 is all about the grit, about having a stable mind when dealing with things you can’t control.




This is a ‘twisted’ clever puzzle physics game I recommend to everyone. It’s top notch, highly innovative and immersive. Indeed, you will feel a lot of tensions, but that is part of its addicting gameplay.

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

Doggins Developer: by FrozenGunGames

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