“There’s only one truth” ― Gosho Aoyama

Indeed, there can only be one happy ending for every story, but there can also be multitudes of other alternative endings. The other endings may not be what you intended them to be, but they still hold true in ensnaring us with a good adventure, or at times, amusing moments, that we will hold dear in our hearts.

FRAMED has set-up such high standards for its generation of puzzle games. It burst into the app gaming landscape as a milestone so different and absorbing, I wondered how come nobody thought of it before. FRAMED evolved a method of story-telling to which most of us are accustomed too, but never really thought of giving much attention.

For us born in the 80s, ‘choose your own’ adventure books were the fad. These books will give you several endings. The ending you arrive at will be dependent on the decisions you make in each chapter. FRAMED is somehow set-up the same way. The way you ‘order’ the timeline will depict the ending of a chapter. So you better think wisely of your next steps for it can cost your character’s life.

Change the order. Change the world.

This is probably the most linear puzzle game app I have played. There is one big story that is divided into chapters/levels. In each level, you have to reorder or rotate panels to change your character’s destiny. Once you are done rearranging, click on the play button and see how your decisions fare. Make a wrong decision and your character can end up captured by the police, or worse, fall into his untimely death. Sometimes comical events happen that makes the characters’ actions look utterly stupid but those are part of the fun.

FRAMED is one badass puzzle game app. #puzzlegame #review

There is no penalty for making wrong decisions. In fact, you may deliberately try to make the wrong move if only to see how the sequence of events will pan out. Sometimes your decisions will be purely intuitive. If something doesn’t work, you can always try again.

“The rain fell like dead bullets.” ― Scott Nicholson

If you like noir art or comic books, this will be right up your alley. Otherwise, you are going to be impressed. Crisp silhouettes move so smoothly and fluidly across the panels, you will feel immersed in the plot. You will feel like watching an HD noir movie instead of playing. You will also love the atmospheric jazz soundtrack, as it sets the mood perfectly depending on the event on each level.




FRAMED is a multi-award winning noir puzzle game, where you re-arrange panels of a comic book to change the outcome of the story. It’s unique and absorbing. Although playing too many levels in one sitting did hurt my brain a bit, I didn’t mind it. I wanted to see what was next.

If you are looking for a one of a kind puzzle game to pass the time, FRAMED is the app to download. Just check out the awards they have garnered so far:

  • “Winner – Visual Design, Indiecade” Indiecade Festival, 2014
  • “Winner – Excellence in Design, IGF China” IGF China Award Ceremony, 16th September 2013
  • “Winner – Best Game, Freeplay Independent Games Festival” Freeplay Award Ceremony, 29th September 2013
  • “Winner – Best Design, Freeplay Independent Games Festival” Freeplay Award Ceremony, 29th September 2013
  • “Winner – Best Upcoming Game, IMGAwards 2014” International Mobile Game Awards, 2014
  • “Winner – Best Narrative, BIG Festival 2014” Brazil Independent Game Festival, 2014
  • “Winner – Best Puzzle Game, Intel Level Up 2014” Intel Level Up Awards, 2014
  • “PAX 10” PAX Prime, 2014
  • “IndieFund Title” IndieFund, December 2013
  • “Finalist – Best Game, AGDA” Australian Game Developer Awards, 2014
  • “Finalist – Accessibility Award, AGDA” Australian Game Developer Awards, 2014
  • “Finalist – Innovation Award, AGDA” Australian Game Developer Awards, 2014
  • “Finalist – Technical Excellence, AGDA” Australian Game Developer Awards, 2014
  • “Finalist – Most Amazing Game, A MAZE Festival” A MAZE Festival Berlin, 2014
  • “Finalist – SXSW Gaming Awards” South by Southwest, 2014
  • “Finalist – Visual Art, Freeplay Independent Games Festival” Freeplay Award Ceremony, 29th September 2013
  • “Finalist – Narrative, Freeplay Independent Games Festival” Freeplay Award Ceremony, 29th September 2013
  • “Finalist – Technical Innovation, Freeplay Independent Games Festival” Freeplay Award Ceremony, 29th September 2013
  • “Finalist – Sense of Wonder Night” Tokyo Games Show, 19th September 2013
  • “Official Selection – BAFTA Inside Games Showcase” BAFTA Inside Games Event, 12th March 2014
  • “Official Selection – PAX EAST Indie Showcase” PAX East, April 11-13th 2014
  • “Golden Sushi Award – Big Sushi FM” PAX Prime, 2014
  • “Official Selection – Eurogamer Indie Games Arcade” Eurogamer Expo, 26-29th September 2013
  • “Official Selection – Toronto Comics vs Games Showcase” Toronto Comic Arts Festival, 11th May 2013

If there is anything negative to say about FRAMED, I would say it was too short for my taste. I wanted more! I wanted more ‘trial-and-error’ animations to play. I hope they make a chapter 2.

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

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