Elemental Review

Control the wind to get to the other side.

Control the wind to get to the other side.

I was reminded of Mario Bros. Nintendo days…

I was a child of the 80’s and the graphics of Elemental reminded of the good old family computer Super Mario Brothers game. Elemental somehow had the same elements of Mario Bros.You need to break blocks, jump to an elevated brick with a spring, activate items, ride on a cloud, etc. What makes this game unique is some of its motion sensor functions that added fun twists to problem-solving.

There are 3 bestfriends…

Elemental logo.

Elemental logo.

Let’s call them Firey, Aqua and Blade. They are the Elementals and they perform different functions, which you must always remember to progress through the game.

Firey is the fire elemental. He can burn grassy paths that pose a problem to Aqua. Aqua, being the water element, gets absorbed whenever she steps on grass. Blade, on the hand, can absorb water, clearing any watery paths that could extinguish Firey’s fiery mojo.

Each elemental has 3 lives. Whenever each elemental ‘dies’ either by getting burned, absorbed or extinguished, they loose a life. When one Elemental loses all lives, its game over.

Each level contains a ‘star brick’, to which all Elementals must go to before the time limit ends. There is also an orb that is beneficial to collect because each orb unlocks further game levels.

Cooperation is the key to success.

Your task is to efficiently control all Elementals, so they clear each other’s obstacles and arrive at the star brick. When grass is on Aqua’s path, have Firey go there first to burn the grass. If Firey couldn’t go straight because of flowing water impending his path, have Aqua or Blade go above to close water valves.

Remember each Elemental’s weaknesses too to avoid losing lives. You can’t have Blade go through flame throwers or he’ll burn to crisp. You can’t have Firey play in a puddle or he’ll evaporate. At least Aqua’s demise makes her beneficial to plants, but that is not her mission.

So you have to be strategic as to who should be first in line to clear certain obstacles so others can follow through. Expect to do a lot of shuffling among the 3 friends.

You can move any elemental up, down (when climbing a ladder), left and right. To jump, you need to press down an elemental on a spring, wait for the appropriate jump level you need, then jump!

Cooperation is the key to success to this Elemental game. #puzzlegame #review at puzzlegameapp.com

* Blade flies up to get to an elevated brick.
Firey: I’m turning on the fan. Here we go…
Aqua (from below): No! Wait!
Blade: I’m flying! Weeeeee… AAAAHHHH! *burns*
Aqua: You turned on the wrong fan! You blew him to a flame thrower!
Firey: Oops.

The challenge lies in alternately controlling 3 characters, to have each not get in each other’s way because too much shuffling will waste your time. This is a game to test your fast-thinking. Not only will you constantly watch the timer tick at the top right corner of the screen, but you will also have to deal with the slow pace of the Elementals. It can feel like you are dragging them to move faster. They wouldn’t. I’m not sure if the developer intentionally did the speed that way to elevate the challenge, but the pacing had me sometimes pull my hair in frustration.

I already knew what to do with my elementals. I knew who should go first, what each should do. I already have a concrete strategy in mind. Yet, the timer mocked my calmness to push through the puzzle and often had me quickly swipe the screen to guide the Elementals where they needed to be… fast. Unfortunately, they constantly died or were shuffled back and forth because of my hurried frenzy.

So a tip: Keep your cool. When time is of the essence, you can’t make any mistakes.

Honestly, I was about to abandon the game but I kept on going not because I’m making this review, but because there is a mechanic from this app’s tutorial area that made me want to access it asap.

It’s the motion sensor tweaks. They’re awesome and I love them.

When an Elemental is on a brittle brick, shake your gadget to break it.

There are levels wherein you will find fan blades attached to bricks. These bricks are meant to make Blade fly. Instead of tapping to activate these fans, you will have to literally blow on your screen. It might take a few tries for a player to get used to this mechanic, but it’s great!

Another nifty feature is wherein you rotate your screen and all elements of that level rotate too! It’s a wicked trick to making levels more appealing by providing you a way to find hidden solutions via motion sensor.

You will also find other dandy obstacles that will test how fast you figure on conquering them. A tip: keep on a watchful eye for elements that has eyes. Elements with eyes can be interacted with, but sometimes their eyes are closed so you wouldn’t really know if these elements are merely for display or otherwise. It took me awhile to figure it out myself.




This game has amazing motion sensor functions that gave this game its own unique flavor, making this game addicting despite the ‘dragging’ feeling of the characters slow movements. Nevertheless, all elements of a good puzzle game are intact and I’m sure anyone from all age range will truly enjoy this.

RATING: 3.5 / 5 stars      

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Developer: Edward Medina