Doggins Review


I’m a dog-lover. I grew up with dogs all my life. So when I discovered this dog-related puzzle game in the app store and I found its aesthetics appealing to my taste, I got excited. More so when I saw a cute terrier, settling in for the night in his doggy bed. For some weird change of events, his house became a rocket ship, which landed on the moon. What commences next are our cute terrier’s surreal point-and-click adventure to the unknown recesses of his dream world.

Dog Dreams are Weird

I often wondered what dogs dream about. The creators of Doggins, Brain and Brain, were able to provide perspective about Dog Dreamst by providing some quirky humor and weird dream logic. The sequence of the game is pretty linear, with you directing the terrier to explore the moon, sniff out objects, make connections between items and gate crash a party of squirrels.

The games weird sense of logic are charming in some ways. Folding a length of tissue paper into a bow to sneak into a formal party, attaching a space boot to a parachute to make a temporary hot air balloon, and trying to make sense of a squirrel’s manual are memorable parts of the game.

It is simple… to a fault

The visuals are stunning and crisp clear. The animation of objects and characters are very smooth. There is only little use of music and sounds, which works quite well, giving great support on the subtle motions and the adventure.

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The use of minimalism and subtleties of game elements are this apps’ credit and drawback. I saw how appealing the game is for both kids and adults. I enjoyed the terrier’s curious character and grew curious about the monocled squirrel antagonist, Fitzwilliam. Finding items that could go together, discovering how to proceed to the next events are fairly easy, the clues can be easily found under your nose.

But there are hardly any major puzzles to solve. As much as I understood the context of using simplicity all throughout the game, it left me feeling wanting more complex challenges that would entice me to play more, especially since I was able to finish playing in less than an hour. The game is too short. I felt a bit bereft of knowing the characters better.




Doggins is an enjoyable game to play, particularly with small kids to help enhance their logic and creative thinking. Doggins somehow comes across as a great demonstration of what its developers can do. If you don’t mind paying for a short game that holds potent creative value for its top-of-the-notch visuals, simple but addicting gameplay, weird logical puzzles and humor, then Doggins is perfect for you. Honestly, I hope the developers come out with a longer sequel of sorts that I could play with. I might be biased, but I just happen to really, really love dogs.

RATING: 3.5 / 5 stars      

Doggins Developer: by Brain&Brain

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