Divide by Sheep Review


Counting Sheep to go to sleep never worked for me. But I had fun counting sheep with this one

Divide by Sheep is a quirky, simple and adorable Math game of strategically adding and eliminating sheep in groups in order to rescue the required amount of sheep in each turn. Don’t be fooled by the adorable facade. Despite the bouncy looking, fluffy and bright nature of the game’s interface, those animals are in for a very rough time.

Death grew bored in the Underworld, so he flooded the world to gain some friends


Talk about ginormous efforts. Death grew tired of playing chess with his monster friends in the Underworld. He probably wanted fluffy minions to join his flock of the dead. So he called on the Great Flood to make poor animals evacuate to highlands. Rescue operations commenced wherein rafts appear to carry the stranded animals to safety. The problem is, each raft can only hold a limited number of animals each time. More often than not, there are more animals to be rescued than the rafts could carry.

Thus starts the “Survivor” drama, where you have to fling sheep (and sometimes wolves) island to island to arrive safely at the rafts. More often than not, animals need to drown or eaten alive in order to get the required number on the raft.

If the Great Flood isn’t problem enough, the obstacles are an added dilemma. Challenge? More of an amusing… extermination

Besides flinging sheep into the air, I bet you never thought of passing them through laser, cutting them in half. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the poor creatures will be sliced in half. There will be bloody mess everywhere, but it adds a bizarre but awesome twist to the whole game. No worries, the sheep miraculously becomes whole with duct tape when they arrive at the raft.

Rescue the animals from becoming Death’s minions! #DivideBySheep #puzzlegame #review puzzlegameapp.com

Other than the lasers, there will also be the bouncing trampolines, high barbed fence wires to obstruct jumping, islands that explode and the hungry wolves.

To win the game you have to count. But sometimes you can live without it

I was never a good (nor patient) student to anything related to Math. With Divide by Sheep though, I didn’t mind the counting mechanism. At times, I don’t count at all and I just merely rely on instinct and randomly flung animals here and there. No, I don’t condone doing such things in real life. Digitally, I’m having fun putting the adage “counting sheep” into shame.

I notice the lack of a hint system. Though I was initially inclined to work harder to earn 3 stars for every round, my focus shifted into opening up new worlds with the fewest number of stars. I wanted to find what other obstacles will come out, what other quirky actions the characters can do and what kind of worlds will the animals suffer in next.

For such a cute morbid game and challenging puzzles, it’s a shame there is no way to share my progress online. It’s a negligible omission, but it would have been nice to share the game to my friends.



It’s ‘Hellishly’ Comedic, making it so hard to resist playing!

Divide by Sheep is a delightful, although a bit pessimistic game of survival. While the idea of a Math game may sound like nightmare to some (like me), anyone will definitely delight in strategically counting sheep to get ahead of the game’s challenges. This is a MUST have!

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

Divide by Sheep Developer: tinyBuild

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