ClickMe – Blocks Review

Click-Me Blocks

Click-Me Blocks

Reminds me of my childhood days…

When I started playing ClickMe-Blocks I was brought back to my childhood days when Tetris came around. Though Tetris isn’t as popular today as it was back in the 90’s, Tetris has become the a popular reference to many puzzle games. Maybe not in terms of gameplay but in the underlying puzzle flow we unconsciously get addicted to.

ClickMe has successfully worked with hidden complexities of puzzle games in a simple format that is unique and easy to understand. I admit I’m not the best player of any puzzle stacking games but I will have to admit, ClickMe got me into playing further than I intended to… and that is saying something.

Shoot for victory!

This puzzle game app relies on motion sensor. You will need to tilt your phone to move the arrow you find on the screen. Yes, it does look and work like a compass but you’re not to use this to find a location. Rather, this arrow is to help pinpoint where your next block will shoot towards along the colored blocks found at the top of the screen.

ClickMe-Blocks. Feels like Tetris but in a different way. #puzzlegame #review

Your aim is to collapse 3 or more similar colored blocks by shooting similar colored blocks to them. The more blocks you collapse, the better for your score.

Your game finishes when blocks go below the dotted line found near the mighty orange button.

The aim of ClickMe – Blocks is to get the highest point you can garner before you ‘game over’. No time limit. The speed is slow and tranquil. You would think that sounds boring but the thing about this kind of game is, you get emotionally invested from the first levels you accomplish that you unconsciously challenge yourself to surpass your own skills at the next following levels by compounding scores from each level.

You will realize that the blocks are becoming more complex in combinations further in the game. There is a gradual slope in difficulty that will call for your sharp-shooter instincts to the surface after the first few levels. You need to think fast of your next block placement. You need to learn to look ahead for the next piece and make calculations. Even if your calculations become a mistake, there is still time for recovery and that is part of the fun challenge.

I love the tags that dangle in the splash screen when you open up the app. These tags signify milestones you achieved in the game. Can’t wait to stack up further tags.

I’m looking for beats…

This could be just me, but I was actually looking for background sounds to accompany my gameplay. The prominent sound in the game is the “stacking” sound, which became annoying playing further in the game. It doesn’t bode well for me probably because of my preference to have music in the background whenever I’m doing anything other than reading or studying. Also, the “stacking” leaves a deterrent feeling that something is going to “fall” loudly… in real life, that unnerves me.


In conclusion:

What I love most about simple-looking games is they fool you into thinking they’re boring and not worth your time. ClickMe-Blocks can still use some esthetic improvement but as for its underlying game logic, perfect.

So if you are into mini-game puzzles, or you grew up in those times Tetris got its cult following, this is one puzzle game to try.

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RATING: 3.5 / 5 stars      

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