Burn It Down Review


Once upon a time there was a plubmer…

He loved a beautiful Princess. But the Princess was kidnapped. So the plumber sets out to rescue his beloved… but you might be thinking of another story because this is not it.

Or at least, that was what the introductory narrative said.

Actually, our lead character wakes up alone in the bedroom within a 2D pixelated black and white mansion. He can’t find his wife. Donning on some clothes, he sets forth to explore different rooms to find his beloved. What is supposed to be a simple hunt became an endangerment of life while dodging spikes, acidic drops, and endless abyss’.

In hindsight, why would any couple want to live in a dangerous place? What is supposed to be a home equates to a dungeon-like prison that not only keeps enemies out, it also is suffocating its inhabitants. This odd environment is consistent with the game’s 50 levels, which you need to go through within an hour.

Precision is the name of the game

Controls are really simple. You go left or right by touching the left or right side of the screen. To jump, you need to gain enough momentum to jump over any gaps in the path, or bounce off walls you encounter. Jumping and bouncing are automated, which makes this game a bit confusing to play at first since we are used to multiple taps or swipes for special moves. It may not appear user-friendly when this fact is taken into consideration but it still intricately adds a definite control challenge to which many minimalist games are known for.

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It’s a very linear world

Levels are very short and linear. The 2D visuals highlight dangers to make you immediately plot how to avoid the danger despite pitfalls and spikes at close quarters. Touch precision is called for to make the necessary actions without dying too many times in the attempt to find the right process. And trust me, you will die. It’s the trial and error that will round up the puzzle solving element to reach the next level. There’s no other way to go around it.

It’s not hard at all to figure out what to do. It’s managing the challenge which makes this game memorable and frustrating. I’m currently midway with my game and right now, my patience is tested. Just when I thought I got the controls right, my hand gets a mind of its own and does addition touch or swipe expecting a jump when there’s none and I ended up spiked to death.

The winning factor this game is its surreal story. Along the way, you will encounter objects that can give you hints about the man’s relationship. You will want to know what will happen at the end of the story.

Burn it Down is Free but those annoying ads popping up every few levels or so are really annoying. A hint system is available and you can purchase more of it via IAP. The hint system is more of an interactive guide and you still need to beat the puzzle yourself.




I am enjoying Burn It Down, but I feel it could do more with a few additional functions and storytelling. I see a potential for a sequel of some sort. Hopefully the developer with update the game with more characters and flashbacks. Is this game worth your time? Yes. It will be a challenge with the controls, but it’s intriguing narrative will set push you to reach the very end.

RATING: 3 / 5 stars      

Burn It Down Developer site: Tapinator

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