The Bot Squad Review

The Bot Squad

The Bot Squad

Save Dynamo City!

With nearly 200 levels of mind bending puzzles, you will lead plump, cartoony Bots to victory in an epic quest for energy, skills, reaching the core in each level and saving a bright, TRON-like Dynamo city.

The twist in this defense game is you don’t only defend your territory, you also get the chance attack waves of enemies wanting to take over core grids. Defense levels are the typical methods of placing traps and attack bots to keep enemies from reaching the core while offense levels requires you to micromanage your drones to evade opponents’ traps and attacks.

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Learn to attack AND defend.

Whether defending or attacking, both levels induce same amount of tension. You will also need to defend or collect stars since these stars are necessary to unlock doors to further levels.

The shift from defense to offense provides a balance for everyone and each level gives plenty of new challenges, bots to use, items and abilities to uncover. This variety in gameplay prohibits monotony and boredom.

The Bot Squad defense level.

The Bot Squad defense level.

However, because the game is so great that freemium limitations become frustratingly glaring. To play a level, batteries are needed. These batteries run out and you will have to wait until the batteries are recharged to play again. You can gain more batteries through playing a mini-game but that doesn’t help much unless you get inclined to pay real money for in-app batteries and other items.

Special Packs

Special Packs

Only the strong will remain

What is aggravating in the game is when you will be required to upgrade your bots to win. A pop-up will notify you if your bot level isn’t par to enemies in that level. You have the option to continue or upgrade. It’s a helpful gesture giving you advice on how you could win but it obviously links to a subtle reminder you might need to purchase an in-app pack.

Does this call for brain over brawn?

The best puzzles calls for smart planning against brute force – a very unique and inviting puzzle game for anyone. Yet, the system gives an unclear precondition if players can finish a stage without stronger units… quite a contradictory manifesto that brains will win over brawns any day. Unfortunately, experimentation isn’t viable from limited batteries.

Overall, The Bot Squad is a must try for anyone. It’s a cool new riff of tower defense using modern, colorful bots that will be worth your while.



RATING: 4 / 5 stars      

Developer: Ubisoft
Price: Free

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