Bonza National Geographic Review


Words… used the right way is fun to play with

Imagine playing Scrabble and Tetris in one go. You don’t twist and turn tiles, but you do try to make sense of jumbled letters with a clue. Not only do you test your vocabulary, but you learn new things along the way. Learning the fun way is better to know more of the world don’t you agree? One puzzle game accomplished that feat, and that is Bonza National Geographic.

A pair of geeks tries to conquer

Recently, my husband and were discussing whether to purchase a known branded boardgame for our collection. Being the pair of geeks that we are, we ended up reading reviews about various versions of Monopoly, Cluedo, Life, etc. Of course, we also encountered Scrabble.


I thought it would be fun to include an ‘educational’ game to our collection, but my husband countered about wanting a ‘game-game’, not one that requires a lot of wordplay thinking. I got what he meant and truth be told, even if I like Scrabble, I get easily bored with it especially since I know my stock up vocabulary isn’t at par with a genius to make a good challenger out of me for the game. Same thing goes with chess.

I do miss Scrabble and I wanted something of similar gameplay within my reach for those moments I want to feel ‘smart’. I browsed through the App Store then lo and behold, I found Bonza National Geographic.

Just last night, my husband and I had a session of playing the game together. It was a good brain exercise before we slept.

It’s time to be smart

From the makers of Bonza World Puzzle comes a version portraying themes and knowledge from National Geographic. Combine word search, jigsaw and trivia puzzles to complete levels. You also get free daily puzzles that are based on current events or other subjects.


You don’t have to keep score of anything in this game, which I sometimes find tedious in Scrabble. Almost like a Tetris game, you maneuver text and image tiles to complete words and pictures. I especially love the images for their Nat Geo quality and knowledge tidbits that come along with them. So you also get to learn something new each time.

A clue is given for each level. The clue will tell you what kind of words you need to complete. Each time you complete a level, you earn coins you can use to acquire hints.

An awesome word #puzzlegame perfect for the whole family! Bonza Nat Geo #review

Unlike other games that use timers, exploding bombs, or annoying dimming background changes, this app invites you to think at leisure. Put in the minimalist background and atmospheric background music, you are on your trip to not leaving the world of words anytime soon.

Hints are better with friends

Where is best to ask for word help than to call our friends. You do this by posting a screencap of your current stage at your social media accounts. Hopefully, your friends will answer your call for help and provide you with answers. Hints are available for coin and in-app purchase should you need it. But you aren’t limited to that. You also get chances to get free hints by watching ads.

And when times get rough, just align up the tiles to hopefully get that word. Like what I did with the dog breeds clue. I love dogs but I’m now knowledgeable with the breeds. So what I did was align the tiles to observe what words I could form. And it worked! Haha!




This is one wordplay puzzle game that I especially recommend to everyone. It’s easy to play, very knowledgeable and reminds one how easy it is to learn something new with just the right touch of interactive gameplay. I would say, Bonza and National Geographic has done well with this app and I couldn’t wait for the next one.

RATING: 5 / 5 stars      

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