Best Five (5) Puzzle Games in 2015

Year 2015 is nearing its end. Time flies so fast when you’re having a great time, especially when you spend a lot of your free time submerged in beautiful fantasy words.

Writing in this blog has been such an experience. Though I didn’t get to blog as much during the last quarter of this year, I was still able to play some of the best games out there. This is what I’m going to share with all of you right now.

In no order of priority:

The Room 3


It’s a grand escape. Creepy rooms, hidden puzzles, unknown elements working its way to ensure you can’t go anywhere. The Room 3 will forever be a part of your consciousness. It’s here to make you stay and tinker away into its secrets. And who is the Craftsman who seem to know the answers about this mysterious world you found yourself into.

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Prune is remarkably beautiful. Rich, vibrant colors are used that contrast very nicely with a soft beige background. The overall theme is very minimalist with just enough texture in the background to give the visuals a bit of depth. Animations are very smooth and fluid. The game comes with a very relaxing soundtrack that blends very well into this game. I find myself wishing I could blow-up the visual for each finished level, frame it, and hang it on my living room wall. Everything is a beautiful work of art I would be willing to collect. Seriously!

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Prune Developer: by Joel Mcdonald

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Magic Flute by Mozart


Beautifully crafted gaming environment – check!

Challenging but fun puzzles – check!

Classical music by influential classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – check!

Wait what? Classical music?

You read it folks! Spatial puzzles placed in beautiful sceneries accompanied by music from Mozart.

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Magic Flute by Mozart Developer: Lab Like

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The Last Voyage


A sci-fi cinematic puzzle game that you will love for its psychedelic and geometric artistry set within an atmospheric background and dynamic environment that you will leave you in breathless wonder.

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Last Voyage Developer: Semidome Inc., Based in Toronto, Canada

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This is an awesome game to have that will bring you hours of challenging but addicting gameplay. It’s worth adding to your collection of puzzle games. This elegant, 2D complex game will challenge your senses to the max. Every aspect of this puzzle oozes with quality art, animation and sound design that blends harmoniously, the game deserves much of its awards and recognition.

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Furdemption Developer Website: RareSloth

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2015 has been a year of great puzzle games in the app landscape. The technology, the creativity, and innovation has been on the rise. We are bound to see more of this amazing games for the next year. I can’t wait!

Happy Holidays and Great New Year to All of You!