Best Mind Games To Install in Your Gadget


I’ve been writing in this blog for more than a year. I’m enjoying it a lot, being introduced to puzzle dynamics I never thought possible before. PuzzleGameApp initially was created as a review source for the best puzzle games from the app landscape, but it also took on a role being an inspirational haven for different art styles, sensory and mind games.

By definition, Mind Games are mental exercises designed to improve the functioning of mind and/or personality. This is where subconsciously geared its existence on, by providing a listing of brain puzzles or teasers that anyone can play anytime to stretch their mental capacity via beautiful, engaging, and fun games.

In this post, I am to list down 5 of what I consider the best Mind Games among all the puzzle games I have reviewed so far. My selections will be based on the following criteria:

Game play: Is the gameplay easy to understand? Does it have an interesting plot leading to an intriguing storyline?

Controls: Is it easy to use? Are there any complex control combinations that may hinder smooth gameplay?

Challenging but Fun factor: Games are games for a reason, and it is for entertainment. Is the game entertaining enough to hook a player to play its entirety? Is it too hard to finish, or too easy that it became boring? Will everyone like playing this game?

Art & Sounds: Visuals and sounds greatly contribute to the atmosphere of a game. Are the visuals detailed? Are the animations smooth? Do these media components lend to the success of creating an engaging environment for the player?

In no particular order, here are the 5 Best (and Highly Recommended!) Mind Games to included in your gadget.

The Room 1 & 2

The Room 2 Circular puzzle

From Fireproof Studios, The Room 1 & 2 gets two thumbs up (and more if I had more thumbs!) for all criteria. A highly immersive ‘Sherlock Holmes detective’ circa ‘Escape room’ gameplay, The Room has state-of-the-art quality visuals, highly mysterious but addicting storyline, and easy controls that manifest easily on each surface touch.

Each turn of a cog, twist of a lever, a pull of the shelf is animated so smoothly and fluidly, it makes the game very tactile and ‘almost’ real to the senses. The better news is, a third part is coming out very soon, and I’m extremely excited about it!

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Year Walk

Year Walk cemetery

One defining factor of Year Walk is how it introduces us to a Swedish folklore about Årsgång. According to the folklore, a year walker locks himself up in a dark room, without speaking to anyone nor taste food or drink. At midnight, he or she walked to the parish church and circle it three times to temporarily lose his or her Christianity. Then, supernatural beings will appear to challenge the year walker. When the year walker successfully passes the tests, he or she will be showed glimpses of the future.

The plot pretty much the same in the game. What made this game so highly regarded is its use of visual and sound elements to make the game feel like out of a horror flick, which to some extent, probably was because its creators from Simogo, studied horror movies to get the timing “to get scary bits right”. So if you are into giving yourself some fright fun, this is the game to have.

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Sword & Sworcery

Sword and Sworcery

This is a mythic, laid-back musical adventure that sold over a million copies, won plenty of awards, highly idiosyncratic and expressive… what more could you ask for? You play as a Scythian warrior in a pixel universe. You jump through the “Real” and “Dream” worlds to free up magical spirits by solving puzzles and singing the song of sworcery. Along the way, you battle dark guardians and monsters, figure out how the phases of the moon relate to the adventure and find the trigons.

What is interesting is how Superbrothers integrated real world time effects into the gameplay, wherein you have to wait for the actual phases of the moon to progress through the game. That would test the patience of some players to wait such a long time so there is a hidden cheat (but legit way) of going around this requirement.

Besides a unique soundtrack and secrets, you can find among bushes and trees, what makes this game stand out is its quirky but amusing narrative and conversations. Basically, Sword & Sorcery is a perfect game of masterfully blended music, art, storytelling and gameplay all rolled in a poetic way you don’t discover very often.

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Where do we go from here?

“There’s only one truth” – Gosho Aoyama

There is one big story divided into chapters. In each level, you have to reorder and/or rotate comic-book-like panels to change your character’s destiny. Your decisions will affect how the story goes and only one ending can make you progress to the next chapter.

You will be impressed by the crisp noir art silhouettes and smooth animation across the panels. You will feel like watching an HD noir movie since the game uses atmospheric jazz soundtrack with a spy/criminal plot like that really works.

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In a very harsh, desert-like environment, you are to prune “trees”. You shape the trees properly so it grows in the right direction to reach the sunlight while avoiding dangers shadows and other hostile elements and obstacles. In essence, it’s like having your bonsai puzzle in your gadget but done in a superbly artful way.

The game is also very relaxing despite it being inherently a brain booster. It challenges but at the same time it unwinds you with a relaxing soundtrack and fluid animation. Each time you finish a level, you will be rewarded with a beautiful art that you can save in your gadget. Truthfully, whatever you do, you will end up with something absolutely beautiful.

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So those are my five selections. Five very different but amusingly entertaining puzzles games to help boost your brain power. Do you want to share a puzzle game you think is worth to install?